• January 1, 2015 — Institute Celebrates its 15th year

    Join us in 2015 as we celebrate together 15 years of the International Institute For Human Empowerment by:

    1. Launching our new unified website!
    2. Launching New World Empowerment Ministries!
    3. Launching new Unexplained Phenomena Meetings!
    4. Launching new Holistic Coaching incorporating Healing and Hypnosis!
    5. Launching new Global Outreach and Support!
    6. Launching our 18th year of the International Peace Meditation!
    7. Launching our 15th year of International Unity Day!
    8. Launching new and expanding Fibromyalgia initiatives!

    Stop by for a virtual visit on January 1, 2015, at humanempowerment.org to see our new and unified website!

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    International Institute For Human Empowerment
    New World Empowerment Center
    Ufology Rocks! (our fundraiser Facebook store)

    Participate in our New World Empowerment Center meetings!

    Support our non-profit work with participation, donations, and grants.

    Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring 15 years together!
    Sue Shipe PhD, Founder

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