A New Way for a New Day!

Old Way

Top down institutions, social inequality, unequal access, control of information, power over people, “for their own good” policies and practices, human-centered worldview, tribal; unequal access to education; policies and practices that discriminate; elimination of information that does not fit a view of “reality”. Desired legacy: goods accumulated.

New Way

Individual choices, power through people, all created equal, all human life has value, global community, human unity, empowerment through equality, institutions serve people, free access to information, value of an open and inquiring mind; information that does not fit a view of “reality” examined and shared. Desired legacy: service.


The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission of empowering all people toward the attainment of basic human rights, including quality education, healthcare, food, and a peaceful and loving environment.

Old practices, institutions, relationships, policies, and thinking can no longer serve us. We cannot be in a New World with our feet planted in the past. We must be open to new information that will allow us to create everything new in order to be relevant in our changing world. Truth is essential to a “True Democracy”, where all are equal and all are truly free. We will provide international leadership through publishing, education, access, advocacy, events, and innovation.

Join us as together we share “A New Way for a New Day!” Membership is by philosophy alone. Participate in our programs, and support our work through grants, donations, purchasing from our gift stores, and our Facebook store fundraiser. Join us as we build upon past and current beliefs and philosophies by providing leadership through a new teaching called: “The New Message of Love”.