• May 10-16, 2015 – Fibromyalgia Awareness Week

    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc. Proclaims “Fibromyalgia Awareness Week in New York State”

    May 8, 2015 — The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc. joins with the New York State
    Senate and Assembly in proclaiming the week of May 10-16, 2015, as Fibromyalgia Awareness Week in New York State.
    “We are an international organization that focuses our work locally while sharing it globally”, said Sue Shipe, PhD, Founder. “People of all ages and ethnicities around the world, including children, are affected by this life-changing syndrome. We want to bring education and advocacy to this important issue.”
    Fibromyalgia patients are faced with a unique set of problems. Because many in the medical profession did not receive education about Fibromyalgia in medical school, in spite of much evidence to the contrary and because there are few laboratory tests for confirmation, many do not “believe” Fibromyalgia is a real diagnosis. Consequently, patients may wait many years for an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, in the meantime, patients often lose jobs, financial independence, and even spouses.
    The Fibromyalgia Task Force of the International Institute For Human Empowerment is comprised of physicians, medical researchers, social security disability attorney, businessmen and women, educators, advocates, complementary therapists, and patients. The Task Force works to raise awareness of the complicated medical, legal, and financial issues related to Fibromyalgia.
    The Institute strives to help Fibromyalgia patients, and all patients, through many related efforts involving access to quality medical care by supporting physician right to final choice of prescribed medication, right of appeal when medications are denied, right to renew prescriptions at the same tim  to save costs and improve compliance, and accessing prescriptions from local pharmacies without increased cost and need for extended travel. Having easy access to their prescribed medications without increased costs helps to ensure that patients will be able to take their medications without delay.
    The Institute will develop a scholarship fund for Fibromyalgia and other patients to access complementary therapies not covered by insurance. Fibromyalgia patients report that many of the most beneficial therapies are not covered by insurance, and therefore are inaccessible to the people who need them. Those who would like to donate toward this scholarship fund should contact Sue Shipe at 518 393-9491 or  sueshipe@www.humanempowerment.org.
    Download our free Fibromyalgia Report at www.humanempowerment.org by selecting  “Fibromyalgia” in the menu. Join our Fibromyalgia Task Force. Help us start a Fibromyalgia Center. Donate to our scholarship fund. Learn about Fibromyalgia so that it can be more easily recognized, diagnosed, and treated. Join the efforts of the Institute to improve the quality of life for those challenged by Fibromyalgia.

    2015 Fibromyalgia Awareness
    2015 Fibromyalgia Awareness – left to right: Sue Shipe, PhD, Erica Dodd, Senator Betty Little, Ira Mendleson, Esq., and Dorota Hausner, MD

    2015 Fibromyalgia Awareness

    2015 Fibromyalgia Awareness – Left to right: Ira Mendleson, Esq., Dorota Hausner, MD, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, Sue Shipe, PhD, Erica Dodd

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