• 95th International Peace Meditation “Finding the Power Within”

    “Finding the Power Within”

    November 7, 2004-Spiritual Power comes to us from a Source beyond. It gives us strength in adversity, courage in confrontation, and inner peace during controversy and war. It empowers us to take care of ourselves by denying others power over us. It generates action or inaction, depending upon the situation. Always, it leads when we might otherwise fail to go.

    When we say that we want to become empowered, we are recognizing that we need strength to live the life that we believe, and know, is intended. Barriers that might keep us from this self-realization lie primarily within our own minds. How we perceive a situation dictates our response. Therefore, to become empowered, we need frequently to re-perceive a situation or an event.

    Finding strength is neither easy, nor difficult. For some of us, the challenge will be admitting to ourselves that we need additional strength. This step requires relinquishing our perception that we are all-powerful, and recognizing that we need a power beyond ourselves. When we give up control, and allow a Greater Power into our minds and hearts, we experience change. Courage is required as that change will take us in directions that are yet unknown.

    Some religions call this relinquishment of the ego, or acknowledgment that we cannot achieve what is necessary without assistance, “surrender”. It is the necessary step before achieving empowerment. This mental act may need to be repeated frequently as our ego is strong and will regain control. By acknowledging our own weakness, we allow ourselves to accept the Power that makes us strong.

    Spiritual empowerment will be found in places where we might prefer not to go. It is found in time of war, and when confronting emotional and physical pain, fear, and rage. It is the power that motivates positive leadership in times of difficulty. It is opposite of the power that maims and kills for pleasure. It is found in altruism, but is missing in ruthless dictatorships. It takes over where human power would fail. It is essential for spiritual growth and development. It is absent in relationships that end in violence to the spirit of another. It requires respect, as its power is awesome, and limited only by our ability to accept it.

    Spiritual power divides. Leadership empowered by Spirit will divide truth from lies, deceit, and corruption. Leadership empowered by Spirit will be divisive because the human condition is to have choice. Spiritual empowerment is what parents are designed to pass on to their children. It will appear as love, caring, and the willingness to sacrifice. Neglect and abuse are present in the absence of spiritual empowerment.

    Becoming spiritually empowered is a grave responsibility. It will affect one’s choices. It may cause one to leave the sheltered path and take risks that others would avoid. It may cause one to leave the safety of home for parts unknown. It may require one to take a stand that is unpopular, and defend that position. It may bring one ridicule or loss of personal power. But spiritual power is not simply personal power. Spiritual power brings access to new heights of human experience. Spiritual power causes one to find one’s spiritual purpose, which in turn elevates the human condition.

    When one becomes spiritually empowered, one may appear to make mistakes: leaving wealth to provide service to others; fighting for justice without taking pleasure in the punishment others receive; healing anyone ill or injured rather than only for payment. These people appear to be making poor business decisions, and may be ridiculed for their service. But those who are spiritually empowered find the courage to face the ridicule and criticism, and to continue their important work.

    Spiritual empowerment will not allow one to sit in self-pity. It will cause one to rise above pain, financial challenge, fear, or oppression. It will cause one to challenge accepted explanations and processes. It will cause disruption when others choose not to see, but to look the other way. It will question public policy and demand amendment to those laws that provide for continued inequality in order to favor some of society over others.

    Spiritual empowerment leads to equality. It cannot tolerate oppression whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, educational, or health and safety related. It will cause the spiritual sojourner to carve new paths and lead others in new ways. But it will be a blessing to the sojourner, and to those who follow.

    Spiritual power is available to everyone. It is free. ‘One is not assessed for access to the Source.’ Those who put prices on religion, who require one to pay for access to this Source, are not of the Source. They are greedy people posing as religious leaders. Spirit is free, but requires discipline and the recognition of one’s own limitations.

    Do not be deceived by those who charge for religious opportunities. They have their own motives, but these motives are not of Source. Many religious institutions will be in grave danger of survival when financial resources are not available. The Source is free. One does not need to belong to any religion to be able to access spiritual power. Religious institutions can provide education regarding how to access power; stories of those who were empowered; and hope to those who would become empowered. But only the individual sojourner who relinquishes personal power in favor of Spiritual Power becomes empowered.

    Look for spiritual teachers who have nothing to gain by teaching. Look for those who live spiritually empowered lives. Beware of many who teach but are not themselves empowered. You will recognize the true spiritual teacher by his/her desire to give, lack of motive or agenda, and contribution to the world.

    “Love does not change the world for us. It changes us to meet the world.”

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