• 94th International Peace Meditation “Dealing with the Impossible”

    “Dealing with the Impossible”

    October 3, 2004-Life gives us many struggles. Each of us has faced and will face many unknowns. Sometimes our struggles are easily resolved. At other times, we appear to be facing the impossible. When facing a situation that appears impossible to resolve, we can reflect on the idea that the answer is not known. . . .yet.

    What was impossible yesterday may be a reality today. Many products and practices were once unknown. Humans have evolved by gaining knowledge, and then using that knowledge in new ways. Everything that we use daily was once only the dream of an inventor. From outer space to inner space, our knowledge continues to expand. Only when we build permanent structures as if all knowledge were already attained, do we begin to limit new knowledge and its potential for change.

    Sometimes we make ideas concrete because it makes us feel safe. Some of our beliefs are rooted in the past. While giving us guidelines about how to live, they may have become stagnant and no longer relevant.

    Sometimes we stop growing because those in power want it so. To allow the expansion of knowledge would threaten their power base. People who hold to power for the sake of keeping power for themselves are likely to create systems that do not allow for the expression of new knowledge. They seek power, not to lead their people to a better quality of life, but to hold onto power for its own sake. It has been said that those who need power should not have it.

    When we must deal with situations in which there seems no possible solution, we need to remember that everything that is possible today was once impossible. For example, consider the following below when you are reflecting on a problem. Ask yourself, what, if the barrier or barriers were removed, could be accomplished. Then consider whether, when, and how to remove the barriers.

    Problems are not solved on our time schedule. They are solved when all of the parts come together. Patience is required so that solutions do not put one at risk. Consider whether the impossible can be solved now, or it is better to wait until the time is right. Taking risks is something that should be done when one has determined the cost of action, and of inaction. This meditation does not seek to create hardship; but only to create peace within and without. The individual spiritual sojourner has the responsibility to determine how each issue is to be confronted.

    For now, as we reflect together for this, our 94th International Peace Meditation, let’s consider the idea of “impossible”, and what it means in our lives. Thank you for joining in the International Peace Meditation held the first Sunday of every month. May your dreams of peace, joy, fulfillment, and love be realized.

    “Consider the Impossible”

    Without the impossible, there would be no inventions.
    There would be no medical interventions.
    Disabled could not learn to walk and communicate.
    Foods could not combine to become something else.
    Wheels could not turn, and gravity could not keep us on earth.
    Stars could not move and rainbows could not exist.
    The earth would still be flat.

    Without the impossible, trains could not “run” and planes could not fly.
    Illness could only progress.
    Feelings could not inform us.
    Fear would always stop us.
    Women and minorities would be enslaved.
    Men would be victims of expectations.
    Businesses would not thrive because no one would trust.

    Without the impossible, marriage would cease to be.
    Relationships would be based on mutual convenience.
    Love, unconditional acceptance, would not exist.
    Energy would cease to flow.
    Lives would wither and die.
    Life would not move forward; evolution would cease.
    Minds could neither dream, nor possibilities be realized.

    Without the impossible, you and I would not be who we are today.
    Democracy would not exist.
    Striving would cease.
    Challenges could not be overcome.
    No one would ever win.
    Connections with humans around the globe
    Would be without empathy and concern.

    Without the impossible, new ways to get things done
    Would not be created.
    New organizations
    Would never be designed.
    Will to overcome
    Would be dormant.
    Life as it is would not improve.

    Without the impossible there would be no mountains to climb,
    Races to run, diseases to conquer,
    Efficiency studies to conduct,
    Bigger and better structures,
    Smaller and more affordable technologies.
    Exploration of the universe above, or the universe below,
    Nor expansion of the universe within.

    May there always be the impossible
    So that we may have reason to live.

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