• 93rd International Peace Meditation September 11 – International Unity Day! “Unity as a Way of Living”

    “Unity as a Way of Living”

    September 5, 2004 – “Unity” has many meanings. It may be viewed as positive or as negative. For the purposes of this meditation, we shall look at how the concept of unity has affected us, and may affect us in the future.

    A concept of unity as negative is the fear that one will lose oneself or one’s identity. In the United States, the love for independence is a love of freedom of choice. Unity does not mean lack of personal choice. However, it can mean that in choosing, one looks at the bigger picture, choosing the best solution for the many. One example of this is the choices parents make regarding their use of time. Once a single person, and able to make choices that affected oneself primarily, the young parent finds that choices such as how he or she uses time beyond work are of great concern to other family members. Although one gives up some personal freedom for the sake of all, the idea of the unity of the family is significant. In this case, unity, or the best choice for the greatest number affected, is a guide to decision making.

    Lest those who strive for leadership and great accomplishments be threatened by the concept of unity, one must look at one’s life purpose. If one is designed to lead people in a profession that serves many, the needs of the smaller number may need to be subjugated for the needs of many. Those in professions such as medicine, education, or politics, for example, often need to give many additional hours to their profession. Their service to mankind often does not allow them the flexibility of the parent who is not in a leadership role. Therefore, the greater good for the many may be one way of determining how one’s time is spent.

    The outcomes for family are therefore largely a reflection of the life purposes of the parents. In many cases, the Life Purpose does not become apparent until one is in their thirties and beyond. This can cause some disruption for the family as roles and influences change. However, for each life, it is the Purpose, or reason that one has come into the world, that should determine how time is to be spent. With this as a guide, family members can change and support the evolution of one who changes direction and decides to move into a life profession, or develop the supports, such as education or training, that are required to make such a move.

    Unity in the family thus requires flexibility in the parental roles, and acceptance of the changes that the individual is experiencing. Evolution of the spirit–commitment, learning, and service–are why the spirit has come into physical reality. Therefore, all attempts to support the evolution of the spirit are to enhance the individual’s ability to learn, and to serve others.

    The parent who devotes his or her life to giving to such a profession is teaching the children the importance of service. The doctor with long hours on-call; the politician who must travel for meetings with constituents; the leader in volunteer organizations such as Lions or Rotary who must energize others to service. All play an important role in reminding us that the need to give is our greatest need.

    Unity of purpose is achieved when we allow mutual goals to guide us in decision-making. In our families, mutual goals are for the support of each individual’s life development and Purpose. In our communities, mutual goals guide decisions about housing, jobs, finances and those innumerable decisions that affect all those who live there. In our countries, the greater good must be the vision. Quality healthcare, quality housing, quality education, and quality food must be the entitlement of all people. Decisions that limit access for some due to greed of others must not be allowed to continue. In any country with great resources, there is no excuse for poverty and lack of access to basic needs. Priorities must be on unity, and finding adequate resources for all, including the weak-the young, old, and disabled of society.

    Unity of purpose can provide the vision for international unity. When we truly believe that all people are entitled to quality food, quality healthcare, and quality education, we will make the changes necessary in relationships and regulations that will enable that vision to become a reality. However, if we view some people as more valuable than others, the inequities will continue.

    International Unity Day provides a vision of what can be. “Valuing Diversity” (www.humanempowerment.org) is a resource guide that helps the young to see the beauty in all diversity. Until we are ready to see one another as what we truly are, spirits evolving in learning and eventual service, we will view only some as worthy, and continue the inequities.

    Today is a time of decision-making. People are fighting and dying for freedom in many countries around the world. People are voting for leaders. People are developing budgets and making choices. Families are deciding how to spend time for the betterment of families and the improvement of society. Choices in how we spend time and resources, how we view others, how we select leadership, how much time we volunteer for the improvement of the quality of life for others, are all decisions that impact whether we will move toward, or away from, greater unity.

    We begin the journey toward international unity when we believe that the needs of all are important. It means giving up some of our focus on ourselves, our families, and our communities, in order to be able to focus on the good of all. It is a shift in perception and a shift in priority. However, the shift in consciousness is the most difficult challenge, and, once made, appropriate actions will follow.

    Our world has been made smaller by technology, but we have not yet learned to care about those we do not know so that we may make decisions for the greater good of all people. When we realize that what we have in common is our humanity, we realize that the child in pain is the same regardless of geography, and that empty lives under oppression feel the same regardless of where the oppression occurs. The oppressed are not allowed to develop spiritual purpose and service, and the world is then denied their contribution.

    The contribution of each person worldwide through the development of the physical body, and intellectual pursuits, is necessary for the healthy development of a world body. Those who go undeveloped, whether within our families, our communities, our countries, or our world, deny all of us their contribution. When we focus on the positive development of each person, regardless of social condition, we are working toward international unity.

    One step at a time; one person at a time; one day at a time; we work for international unity. We celebrate our mission once each year on September 11 with the holiday called, “International Unity Day.” Whether we celebrate together in communities, or simply within our individual hearts and lives, let’s make September 11 each year the day we commit to working toward unity.

    One step. One person. One day. One commitment: “Today I will do all that I can for the betterment of my family, my community, my country, and my world. I will make decisions by keeping in mind the greater good of all. I will make the necessary preparation for the life of service that I believe is intended and designed for my life. I will devote my life to my spiritual purpose. And when I leave this world, I shall leave in the knowledge of a job well done, and with the anticipation of more to learn and contribute at the next level.”

    Please join us in prayer/meditation on Sunday, September 5, 2004, for the “International Peace Meditation” held the first Sunday of every month.

    And, on September 11, wherever you are, please join us in celebrating “International Unity Day”! (See details by clicking on the globe at www.humanempowerment.org)

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