• 172nd International Peace Meditation “Staying Sensitive in an Insensitive World”

    “Staying Sensitive in an Insensitive World”

    April 3, 2011 — The horrific events following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami are beyond human comprehension. Even as we learn of these events which challenge all humanity, we are left to wonder, “How does this fit into my understanding of human reality?”

    The media bring us daily catastrophes. We see man’s inhumanity to man. We witness dictators killing their own people in attempts to remain in power. We see children and adults abused and oppressed.

    We respond to community disasters like fires and floods. But the magnitude of destruction wrought by unusual weather phenomena challenge us to prevent, prepare, and respond, and, more importantly, to respond with compassion.

    Has a generation of violent electronic games and movies numbed us to human suffering? Are we teaching our children not to be empathic, when all of the characters they shoot in their games survive for another round?

    Are our governments reducing education and healthcare to meaningless statistics that neither reveal nor convey human struggle and suffering?

    While getting our financial houses in order, are we forgetting to care about and protect the most vulnerable in society, as we cut their services and thereby diminish their capabilities?

    As we watch too many leaders take unfair advantage of the power bestowed upon them by the people, have we lost faith in our ability to self-govern?

    As we put politicians on pedestals so that we can use them as verbal targets, have we forgotten that they are us?

    Have we reduced public service to a mockery when its rewards do not compete with business?

    Do we measure the worth of a human being by only the work produced or wealth attained, rather than the quality of personal contribution to family and society?

    Do we consider the impact of our actions upon others? Or do we act only for our own selfish purposes?

    Do we rush through life without reflection, and childhood without simple pleasures? Do we compartmentalize love to weekends and evenings?

    The world is changing rapidly. We can be a victim of its changes, or we can consider how we can live in harmony with one another and with nature.

    We cannot stop the tempest; we can only learn to ride the wave.

    This Meditation is dedicated to all who lovingly respond to the pain of others.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    Please join us in prayer/meditation during the 24 hours of Sunday, April 3, and again the first Sunday of every month. This is our 15th year of continuous monthly meditation. Forward our Meditation to all in your address book; make copies for your religious and spiritual brochures and bulletins.
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