• 171st International Peace Meditation “Differently-Abled Spiritually”

    “Differently-Abled Spiritually”

    March 6, 2011 — Those of us who were raised in, or have found comfort with, a religious path know that much has been written about preparation for passing. The next life is often spoken of in glowing terms, and we are encouraged to have faith that it will be so. For some of us, especially when faced with loss, our faith is a firm foundation. For others, faith may seem to fade away. What is it that we, whether we follow religious teachings, are agnostics, or follow our spiritual paths, have for reassurance? What can we count on when everything else falls away?

    Life goes forward. Everything evolves. Children grow into adults. Seedlings that are nourished and given an environment appropriate to their needs, flourish and grow. Careers come, and go. Wealth may come, and eventually be used, lost, or passed on. Friendships begin and, if nourished by both parties, develop to become stronger. Relationships can continue indefinitely for love never ends. How can we know this?

    Those people known as Sensitives are sometimes able to “receive”messages from the unseen. Some are even able to recognize the sources of those messages. Those who do not have this capacity doubt, and may even harass or condemn the one who is sensitive. Often, those who are sensitive hide their gifts to avoid ridicule, but, in private, they may continue to know and share with trusted friends who can appreciate their gifts, and who may even share their own. Some people have accessed memories of life before life, often through hypnosis called past-life regression. However, those who do not have these extraordinary experiences often ridicule or condemn, so the Sensitive hides his or her story from those who cannot accept.

    Some Sensitives feel energy presence. Some see beings in human form, but transparent. Some see those who lived previously in special locations, such as former battlegrounds. Most hide their stories, afraid or unwilling to share.

    Some Sensitives have contact with deceased loved ones. Some recognize verbal messages from those who have transitioned. Some recognize their loved one’s presence by feeling energy, internal hearing, extraordinary vision, or signs that had a prior special meaning. Some receive warnings in times of danger. Evidence of the presence of those already passed is not simply faith in, but actual experience of, the continuity of life of the spirit.

    Perhaps those who have “died” and been resuscitated have much to tell all of us. Near death experiences have been widely documented and are commonly referred to as NDE’s. One cardiologist of note is Pim van Lommel, M.D., who has published the results of his studies in Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience. Many stories told by NDE’ers are reassuring, indicating that while life on earth is limited, the spirit continues. This inspires confidence, and allows us to continue living well in spite of the awareness of our own mortality. It is faith, but even more. It is experience.

    Perhaps if we could drop our armor of disbelief, and allow our Sensitives to speak openly without fear of retaliation, we could greatly enhance our understanding of life, it’s continuity, it’s meaning, and it’s essence for each of us. Are we ready for that challenge?

    This Meditation is dedicated to those among us with special gifts of hearing, seeing, and experiencing beyond the capacity most of us have developed. Their stories may be our true gifts from Beyond.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    Please join us in prayer/meditation during the 24 hours of Sunday, March 6, and again the first Sunday of every month. This is our 15th year of continuous monthly meditation. Forward our Meditation to all in your address book; make copies for your religious and spiritual brochures and bulletins.
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