• 152nd International Peace Meditation “What Is Your “Need to Know”?

    “What Is Your “Need to Know”?
    August 2, 2009–Healing is pre-ordained to occur in the human body. Self-healing mechanisms that we can only attempt to understand are “programmed” into our cells. Given the right conditions, and time, if damage sustained is not already beyond repair, the body will orchestrate its healing mechanisms so that health can occur.

    What is health? Is it the absence of injury and disease? Is it optimal functioning? Is it the biological foundation to be able to maneuver in the world? It is the ability to be able to contribute to society? How do we know when we’re healthy? What are the signs upon which we can agree?

    When we consider healing, we may think first of the physical body. The body is vulnerable to the effects of the environment including bacteria, viruses, and injury. It is also vulnerable to stress in the environment. As society evolves at an ever increasing pace, stress is felt by the body as well as the mind.

    Areas where there is congestion, such as high population or high levels of pollution, are especially prone to stress. Stress is “contagious” in that the energy vibrations can spread to others. Consider how you feel when you are with someone who is going through a very difficult challenge. That person’s stress may be almost palpable. Consider being around someone who is angry. Even though you may not be personally affected by the source of the other’s anger, you become affected by the vibrations that appear to emanate from the other, causing a feeling of un-ease or stress within you.

    Note how common it is for people, who live and/or work in or near urban areas, to seek vacation locations that are serene. Comfort is often found in nature: water, mountains, and areas where one can move away, even if only temporarily, out of the stressful environment.

    Health is found in the absence of stress indicators. For example, changes in the blood pressure often are an indicator of stress. Illnesses may be the result of the compilation of multiple stressors over time. Fight or flight responses affect chemicals within the body that can directly impact health.

    Sometimes stress is a result of worry and fear of the future. Financial and other concerns may cause us to peer into the future fearfully, imagining many bad scenarios. Recent financial changes worldwide have had a devastating impact on some, and a challenging impact on many. Shortages of food and clean water, leading to malnutrition and disease, are profound. Loss of jobs, homes, and healthcare creates an environment of stress that is unhealthy for all concerned.

    On a spiritual path, we know that five-year plans with goals and strategies to achieve them, are often not relevant. On the spiritual path we take a step, and then wait to know the next step, These steps are often unpredictable according to the way we’ve been taught to plan. Multi-year business plans often begin with the desired end or outcome in mind, followed by steps to attain it. In spiritual work, we learn that “we’ll know when we need to know.” We take the step that we know is before us, and after we have completed that step, the next is “revealed” to us.

    Relationships that support us are necessary on all spiritual paths. Our spiritual healing begins as we take steps to develop supportive relationships. When our current relationships are not supportive, our challenge is to ask for the support we need. However, if after time and opportunity to meet that request, the request is denied, we strengthen our spiritual health when we move forward alone. We are not alone on the spiritual path. Others will come into our lives when the time is right. However, the spiritual sojourner who desires spiritual health in order to take the next step, must evaluate all relationships knowing that some may fall away. Strength to take that step gives greater vision and clarity to the unfolding journey.

    Health of the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. Here we are not referring to religious beliefs, but the surrender of the spirit person to a higher calling, with physical and mental resources dedicated to achieving that calling.

    Health is not the absence of disease or injury. Health is the freedom and strength of the spirit to use all of its human resources toward the completion of one’s calling or mission in life.

    This higher calling is what provides the energy behind the drive to fulfill ones life calling. It is what allows even the most disabled to provide value to the lives of others. It is the energy behind sacrifice. It is the power of productive positive parenting. It is the drive to excellence with the goal of not having lived in vain. It is beyond social standing, social activities, and other “play”. Higher calling is the power in “spiritual empowerment.”

    What do you really “need to know?” All you really need to know is how to take the next step. Take the step in front of you, and then you will know.

    This Meditation is dedicated to the health of the human spirit from which all energy and actions are derived.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
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