• Commemoration

    September 11, 2023 —

    On 9/11/01
    3000 people died at the hands of terrorists
    The world stood still
    Shock waves shot around the globe
    People lost all sense of security

    Unimaginable pain was felt
    Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters
    Husbands and Wives, Infants and Elderly
    Gasped a never-ending gasp.

    Terrorism rallied and cheered
    Democracy waited, and knew.
    Both knew nothing would ever be the same.

    We were all victims
    Victims of faceless death
    Raining equally on weak and strong
    Showering the earth with ashes of flesh and mortar.

    On 9/11/01
    Love was blocked out like the sun
    Darkness covered the earth
    The pallor of suff’ring and death
    Had levied a mighty blow.

    Somehow, we knew
    We knew we would rise again
    We knew that death could not stop
    Any who had ever known freedom.

    Freedom was challenged
    To rise again like the phoenix
    From the ashes of destruction
    To unparalleled levels of leadership.

    Each of us knew in our heart
    That the love of freedom was stronger
    Than even the challenge of death.
    We knew we’d never forget.

    On 9/11/01
    Our courage was strengthened
    Our commitment to peace was renewed
    We knew that if we divided, they’d conquer
    We knew we must each carry forward.

    For the sake of our children
    Our children’s children, and again theirs
    We would not succumb to hate and terror
    We’d build up-not tear down.

    On 9/11/23
    We realize that my brother’s brother is mine
    That my sister comes in many colors
    But we’re the same
    Beneath the skin.

    We realize that we must unify for freedom
    Out-number, out-rank, out-care
    Those who would tear down our buildings
    Our symbols, our children, our hearts.

    On 9/11/23
    We realize that united, we stand a chance
    Of overcoming the hate that would kill us,
    Of freeing the oppressed everywhere,
    Of demonstrating love as stronger than fear.

    We are united in service
    We’ll share love and support ’round the world
    We’re taking love of freedom to new levels
    We’ll demonstrate that love is stronger than hate.

    On 9/11/23
    We’ll be grateful
    That terror does not reside within us
    That we will overcome terror, and fear of terror
    Until only our unity prevails.
    On “International Unity Day”

    We commemorate all who’ve been lost to terror
    Commemorate the bravery of men and women and children
    Commemorate our friendships, lifetime allies,
    As we celebrate our unified commitment to peace.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director     copyright 8/06

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