• 133rd International Peace Meditation “The Truth About Evolution”

    “The Truth About Evolution”

    Jan. 6, 2008 — Evolution is. It continues in spite of human attempts at intervention.

    1 — Evolution of consciousness.

    2 — Evolution of planetary systems.

    3 — Evolution of species.

    4 — Evolution of discoveries.

    5 — Evolution of communication.

    1. The Evolution of consciousness is the evolution of understanding. Within human thought there exist many levels. Lower levels of human consciousness are self-centered and have to do with acquiring basic human needs for nourishment and shelter of the physical body.

    Human wants are those prescribed by human society and are primarily ego-based needs to feel good about oneself. Thus, we are often consumers, even victims, of the marketing of endless varieties of material creations designed to appeal to our need to feel and appear successful. Those items, often acquired at great financial cost, give the ego-boost of feeling successful among one’s peers.

    Other levels of consciousness are recognized by the ability to care. For example, those of lower consciousness will feel entitled to take extreme measures, such as eliminating another’s life or reputation, in order to meet one’s wants. This may be evidenced by homicides of the body, or even political assassinations of another’s character and reputation, often seen at the time of career promotions, or political elections. All are of a lower level of consciousness that centers on selfish needs.

    The opposite end of the spectrum of human consciousness is being Self-centered. Here we refer to the Self in a capitalized form to emphasize what we would describe as Love’s spark of divinity within each person. This has sometimes been referred to as the Christ-consciousness in Christianity. In Eastern religions it is the recognition of the God-seed or Love that resides in all beings. This is the discovery that we are never alone. Love is always with us, recognized or unrecognized

    2.The Evolution of planetary systems is occurring in physical reality as well as in human discovery. We shape our perception of reality to a great degree by physical scientific evidence. A star or nebula or solar system is discovered and named, and influences our view of the universe. However, it is likely that science is still in its infancy, and that much more is real than science can yet identify. Our choice is to decide what we will allow to limit our perception of reality. Reality is. Love is. It is only human attempts to explain them that cause us to be blind to possibilities.

    3. The Evolution of the human species up until the present time is not without controversy. Whether we evolved as scientifically thought, or came to be as some fundamentalists believe, remains a political and adversarial condition. However, Evolution did not stop with present-day men and women. Because we are in the midst of it, we do not have a broader perspective. It is similar to a parent who is surprised by the reactions of others to her/his child’s growth and development. Seeing the changes in the child’s daily growth precludes parents from noticing in the same way as one who does not see the child often. Pictures often demonstrate the child’s development so that parents can better see changes that have occurred and might otherwise remain unrecognized.

    We do not see Evolution because we are immersed within it. Yet, it would be foolish to assume that because we cannot perceive it, it is not occurring. We adapt. We have adapted. We will continue to adapt if we are to survive as a species.

    4. The Evolution of discoveries such as in medicine, technology, and space travel continue at a rate that we often find difficult to comprehend, or to remain abreast. New treatments for knee replacements, or respiratory support, are available, but most people still receive older technology. New aircraft are tested without the knowledge of the general public. Robotic weapons change the face of war, and those with old technology use themselves as weapons against that which they otherwise could not possibly defend themselves.

    The old and the new are all still relatively new in terms of Evolution. Many people, however, have had experiences incapable of being explained by our current scientific paradigms. “Abduction phenomena” and “UFO’s” have been experienced by thousands, perhaps even millions, of people. The people who have witnessed or experienced them are ridiculed by those who remain stuck in scientific paradigms that as yet are not adequately mature or evolved to be able to explain and/or embrace them. As with those who believed the earth was flat, experiencers are always ahead of the scientific curve.

    5. The Evolution of communication may be the next big step for human consciousness. Our ego-centered existence often puts humans in the center, with everything available to serve our needs. This humans-as-the-center-of-the-universe paradigm allows us to kill, exploit, and do experiments on animals because we can, and because we feel entitled. Our lack of consciousness in the past allowed experiments on human babies because it was thought they could not feel pain. Our lack of consciousness about our planet is allowing us to feed our ego and power needs without thoughts about how we are leaving the planet for our children and those generations to come. However, as we learn to understand energy, in all of its ramifications, our perceptions will change.

    Animals communicate. They understand without words. Their instincts are generally intact, allowing them to recognize danger. Humans have lost much of their internal communication, or instinct. We often fail to recognize when others would hurt us, or fail to believe our “gut” and become vulnerable in spite of instinctual or internal warnings. This frontier must be developed if we are to be a free autonomous human society. Evolution does not stop. We are not the center of the universe, even our own universe. We are interdependent, but often fail to recognize our need for human unity.

    As our world has become smaller with the advent of flight and commercial and military transportation, so is our universe shrinking. What we may fail to recognize is that not all UFOlogy may be wrong. While humanity does not yet understand what it is seeing and experiencing, thousands, or even millions of people, are probably not wrong in that something is occurring. And if so, shouldn’t reasonable and prudent people attempt to understand this Evolutionary step rather than hide from it? Shouldn’t we attempt to expand our scientific paradigms rather than persecute those brave people such as Dr. John Mack who risked their careers in search of truth?

    We can remain ostriches with our heads in the sand, saying that what we can’t see or explain or replicate isn’t real. Or, we can come together as reasonable human beings, open our logbooks and Blue Books, and tell the truth. Only then can we seek explanations instead of fearing, like Henny Penny, that if we but look, the sky will fall.

    Humanity will not cease to be because we sought to understand. It may cease to thrive if we fail to.

    This Meditation is dedicated to the human spirit and its need to Know the truth.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
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