• 132nd International Peace Meditation “Can You Fly Anyway?”

    “Can You Fly Anyway?”

    December 2, 2007–People come to me wanting to expand their spirituality. Often, as we begin to discuss working together toward that end, the blockages to happiness and true spiritual empowerment arise. Those blockages are often both real and imagined. They are real in that they represent unresolved challenges for the individual. They are imagined in that they are used to avoid taking the next step. In other words, often the spiritual sojourner wants to move along on his or her spiritual path, but uses these blockages to feel unworthy. Therefore, the first step is internal acceptance-believing one is worthy of spiritual empowerment exactly as one is.

    It was a revelation for me to understand that Love (Higher Power, God, Allah, or whatever name is comfortable for you) can use us just as we are. Imperfect. Full of doubts and self-hate. Even when we have not had an unblemished life. This is what we hold up to make a case for our unworthiness. In truth, if we take the next step, imperfections and all, we may find that those impediments to internal peace, and understanding, begin to resolve.

    Jesus taught about God’s love. He chose as His illustration of unconditional love a path that led to his own crucifixion. This powerful story is an illustration that Love accepts all, and it is we who must forgive ourselves.

    Psychologists’ couches are kept busy by those who feel tremendous guilt, often about situations in which they had little or no control. A child cannot cause parental divorce. People die in spite of our well-intended thoughts and actions. Even though we made poor choices in the past, we can change. As with Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-support programs, improvement begins with recognition, and a decision for change. Once that internal issue is resolved, the person has moved forward on that amazing road of recovery. Intent is paramount. Self-forgiveness is essential. But even when we can’t forgive ourselves, when we consciously take that step forward, forgiveness of oneself is already in motion.

    Letting go of our own blockages to happiness and spiritual empowerment requires a change of focus. When we are angry or confused by what we perceive as our imperfections, we are focused on our personal self. When we make that conscious decision to move forward on a spiritual path, we can begin to find all kinds of new information and even relationships that support that path. That does not mean that it will be easy-quite the contrary. But as we move forward, we realize that even the worst of life events can be used to improve the quality of life for others. Sometimes, in these difficult times, we recognize the seed of our developing Life Purpose.

    In my own life, I always felt that I had no power. As a young girl, I learned a “woman’s place”. I followed the feminine role models that I saw in spite of the deep strength my Mother and Grandmother exhibited. As teachers, business women, and managers, they had tremendous responsibility. Socially-prescribed roles did not fit their personalities. They did what was expected in spite of their temperaments and talents.

    After years of denying my own leadership qualities, I found that they needed to not only emerge, but also be expressed. Over the years, I began accepting more leadership responsibilities, and now I teach the lessons I learned. After many years of my own dedicated and conscious spiritual path, I assist others who are ready. It has been said that, “When the student is ready, the Teacher appears.”

    Blockages to our happiness exist mainly in our own minds. Just like young people are too often super-critical of their bodies, and may even starve themselves for what they perceive as perfection, so do we adults also often starve ourselves spiritually because of our own feelings of unworthiness. Stop! We are not perfect. Had that been intended, it would be so. It was not. Life is a school for learning the lessons that we need. When I first encountered the idea that life is the “soul’s curriculum”, I found it strange. After a time, I found I could see life no other way. The soul learns, and takes the next step. The lessons learned are often the basis for eventual service. It is so ordained. It is good. In a perfect world we would not be needed for service, nor have the wonderful fulfillment that can come with serving others who truly need.

    As with all paths, there are guides to help us. Here are a few that I learned:


    Serve those who truly need. The rest is manipulation and will leave you feeling drained rather than fulfilled.
    Charity begins at home. Just like parents receiving oxygen on a plane before children, we must always take care of our own basic needs first, or the needs of others will deplete us.
    Look with compassion at a world in confusion. You came here to serve. You will not reach the point of True Service if you allow your blockages to keep you off your spiritual path. Love does not abandon us. Love is always ready when we return.
    Allow yourself to feel compassion for yourself. Be gentle with yourself, and others. This does not mean making excuses for behavior. It means accepting yourself exactly as you are in this moment, and surrendering to that wonderful process-your spiritual path.
    Stay alert. Beware of false teachers and those who will prey upon you. Many will perceive you as weak. Others will move away. New people may come into your life-even for a short time. They are there for a purpose, and then they are gone. As you increase in Love energy, you will need to be cautious as even your presence will be disturbing. Others may strike out at you when even they don’t know why.
    We are energy. We are made of energy that changes as we evolve. People will leave us by moving away at the personality level when energies are no longer compatible. Others will be drawn to the higher energy as we evolve.
    Do not look for the highly evolved in public places chasing status and wealth. They will be responsible, but not greedy. Their needs on the spiritual path will be met. They will not use wealth to be ostentatious, but to serve others. Their focus will be both inward and outward. They receive in order to give.
    This Meditation is dedicated to those challenging their own internal barriers, and moving forward anyway!

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
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