• The International Institute For Human Empowerment has expanded to better serve you!

    The Institute continues to provide leadership through the International Peace Meditation, International Unity Day, and Fibromyalgia initiatives. We have also integrated our other programs to serve our broader community: You, the Human Empowerment Community!

    We have added the following:

    New World Empowerment Center provides leadership through the rapid changes that our society, even our world, is encountering. As our world is battered about with challenges related to climate change, pandemics, unexplained experiences, and proliferation of illnesses of the central nervous system like Fibromyalgia syndrome, we want to share with you ways to cope, and thrive. We have expanded our publishing to include uplifting books to help you relax into your own personal control over your life. The New Message of Love,    www.thenewmessageoflove.com, provides ways you can empower yourself to navigate these rapidly changing and disruptive times. www.newworldempowerment.com

    New World Empowerment Ministries helps us to expand our current religious structures to be inclusive, empowering, and motivating. We can begin to see that while our current religions give us direction, we need to move beyond simply studying the past, to incorporating experience into our spirituality. Many of us have had unexplained experiences which we tend to deny even to ourselves, and fear sharing with others. Ridicule, and the fear of being different, will no longer control us. The move from faith, to faith plus experience, is the challenge and the opportunity for the New World in which we are now living. Consider becoming a New World Empowerment Minister or Leader in Service. www.newworldempowerment.org

    Facebook pages allow us to update daily as well as connect to our various audiences. We have several for you to choose from that may be of particular interest to you:
    Moriah, New World Empowerment Center, New World Empowerment MinistriesInternational Institute For Human Empowerment, Moriah’s New World Library, UFOlogy Rocks, and Sue Shipe, PhD.

    UFOlogy Rocks Facebook page is both fun and informative. This is a great place for those who have had unexplained experiences and want to connect with others with similar interests. It’s not for everyone, perhaps, but it might be for you. The subject of unexplained sightings and experiences must no longer be taboo. The information people are receiving, and the sightings and experiences some are noting, are trying to tell us something that we need to know. We need to move beyond this as simply entertainment in order to understand what is happening. Your purchase of our sweatshirts, hats, and t-shirts supports all of our programs. www.ufologyrocks.com

    Facebook Group: The New Message of Love, is a place where you can connect with others who are moving out of the comfort zones of the past into new, exciting, and uncharted territory. Move away from the naysayers to a more expanded, and honest, view of reality. Learn how to move with certainty in an uncertain world. Connect with others in new ways. Expand your thinking. Learn so that you may provide leadership to others when needed.

    YouTube channel: Subscribe to International Institute For Human Empowerment. Find uplifting messages from The New Message of Love to guide you as you navigate this New World. (coming soon)

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