• 59th International Peace Meditation — November 4, 2001

    Dear Friends of the Institute, including
    United State Senator Robert C. Byrd and Staff
    Honorable Members of the New York State Assembly
    Members of the New York State Education Department
    Members of the West Virginia University Faculty
    Members of the United Nations Association–USA

    As we prepare for the 59th International Peace Meditation to be held this Sunday, November 4, 2001, our hearts are heavy for all those who have lost–lives, family and friends, health, employment, and a feeling of safety and security. Yet, in the midst of this pain, we have much for which to be grateful. It is love of family, friends, country, and world that we remember and cherish. It is in loss that we find what we most value, and it is in service that we find true fulfillment.

    Many of you have participated with the Institute in celebrating the International Peace Meditation. Some of you are being invited to join. All of you are necessary in the collaborative effort required to sustain hope and promote peace. It is our unity–as loved ones, friends, citizens of our country, and citizens of the world that will take us safely through the coming times. It is our unity that we value above all.

    Therefore, during this International Peace Meditation may we focus on our need for Love to guide us, for the love of family and friends to sustain us, and for Divine guidance for all our Leaders from all walks of life. May we be empathic toward the innocent, and strong in the face of evil. May we give service, that our lives may have value to ourselves and to others.

    As always, one part of our Meditation consists of prayers for all those who are in need of healing of the mind and body. May your prayers include the prayers of all others, in order that all prayers for the ill may be magnified. May we seek freedom not only for ourselves, but for all people. And may we each develop our spiritual life that we may be an instrument of peace.

    Thank you for your ongoing support of the International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc. You are a member by philosophy alone. There is no fee. The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc. is not affiliated with any religious organization in order that it might serve all. Please consider the attached spiritual writing on Peace and War as you meditate and pray during the 59th International Peace Meditation on this Sunday, November 4. Thank you.
    Sue Kidd Shipe, President
    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.
    P. O. Box 3920
    Albany, New York  12203   USA

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