• 57th International Peace Meditation “A Sense of Presence: A Way of Knowing”

    Dear Friends of the Institute, including
    United States Senator Robert C. Byrd
    Members of the United Nations NGO’s on Aging
    Honorable Members of the New York State Assembly
    Members of the New York State Education Department
    Members of West Virginia University Faculty

    This Sunday, September 2, marks the
    57th International Peace Meditation. You are invited to participate with us in a meditation for peace–for peace in our hearts, and peace in our world. This invitation is given internationally through our web site at www.humanempowerment.org. At this time, 16 different countries have visited out web site. We hope you will take the time to visit our web site, and to be a part of the International Peace Meditation and other aspects of the International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.

    The Institute does not charge for membership, and includes in its membership all who participate. Thank you for your ongoing support.

    “A Sense of Presence: A Way of Knowing”

    Throughout religious history their are records of people with visions, dreams, visitations, and heroic acts not thought of as possible. So, we believe. We believe differently about different recorded events; we interpret events differently; we search. But, most importantly, we believe.

    That belief in something that is more, something that is unexplainable although we attempt to understand, is that Something which unites us across all spiritual and religious boundaries. That Something, which I will refer to as Love, is what gives us strength, guidance, hope, and a belief in something more to come. It takes away our fear of our own mortality, and brings us into a sense of the infinite.

    In today’s world of data, we are often encouraged to trust technology over that profound sense of knowing we might call intuition. Societal values would lead us to believe only that for which there is evidence which we can explain. Yet, we are all constantly aware that data is misused and distorted to cover-up, as well as uncover, truth.

    What is sadly lacking from this perception is the awareness that we know much from other ways of knowing. It is not an accident that we, humans, through the ages, have clung to a sense of profound mystery we call God, Abba, Father, or by many other names. We have an innate sense of a continuity that we cannot prove. And we have a place to turn when the events of life are unbearable. We may be aware that even those who are most in denial of a greater Presence turn for assistance in their darkest hour. It is within out hearts and minds that we are of something far greater than ourselves, and that brings us peace and confidence. Without that sense of Love, it is very difficult to navigate the world around us. And although we may not be able to claim absolutes upon which we can all agree, we are able to connect with each other on this common ground of a sense of Presence working in our lives. And, surrounded by the sense of Presence, we as humans can begin to tolerate one another, even accept one another, as we have our sense of oneness in our humanity that we share.

    The International Peace Meditation is one way we can join in consciousness with fellow humans worldwide. We can reflect on the suffering that exits that we have not yet been able to alleviate. And we can ask for guidance on our next steps toward peace. We cannot eliminate injustice and poverty by words alone, but by spirits joined in purpose and fueled by a common mission. That vision is a vision of peace. The mission is one of preserving all humanity, and lifting it to its highest contribution.

    This Sunday as we join in our International Peace Meditation, let’s remember those we know who are suffering at home, but let us also remember the suffering of all those in war torn countries, or living in poverty, who live with fear. Let us remember that Love casts out fear, and we have an opportunity to be a part of that process. And then, let us turn our spirituality into action locally and abroad. ‘Let all we do be done for Love.’
    Sue Kidd Shipe, President
    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.
    (518) 393-9491
    P. O. Box 3920
    Albany, New York  12203   USA

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