• 175th International Peace Meditation “Entering the Night-time of Our Days”

    “Entering the Night-time of Our Days”

    July 3, 2011–The earth is a magnificent and unique planet full of great diversity of plants and animals, rocks and weather, and people and languages. New species continue to be discovered and hybrid plants are created. However, viruses and organisms mutate, potentially threatening all humanity.

    New weather patterns emerge, economic interdependence creates new challenges, and political upheavals create instability in markets as well as in global security. New information creates new paradigms of medicine, spirituality, education, and environmental planning. We cannot go back to the way it was, and we’re not yet sure how to go forward. Implications of our choices, from the use of cloning to changes in our food, may take us into unexplored and unpredictable directions. We cannot yet anticipate the results of these changes, making it difficult to know how to prepare. This is never more apparent than seeing our students graduate from college unprepared for the world as it exists, and will exist.

    We are at a crossroads with no turning back, and no clear direction for going forward. Humanity can make wise decisions and all will eventually settle into a new norm, or it can make poor, unquestioning decisions that could potentially lead to our ultimate demise. This is a critical juncture and leadership is needed that will provoke strong independent thinkers with high moral judgment committed to humanity’s success and freedom.

    Thomas Paine, in The American Crisis, said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” This wisdom from the past applies equally to today. These are the times that will require each person–man, woman, and child–to be discerning, seek truth, be constantly vigilant, and be ready to stand for one’s principles. Terrorists, ready to sacrifice the freedom of all for the narrow views of a few, are among us on every continent. With the capacity to organize, recruit, infiltrate, and execute plans through technology alone, they are far more difficult to recognize. They may exist in our schools and colleges, government and Wall Street, and places of social gathering and worship. They look like us and may remain hidden until the time to act. We do not know how to recognize them as they are living among us. This has already been demonstrated by arrests and charges placed upon those who had gone unrecognized and unsuspected.

    This is not to say that we must live with distrust and suspicion. That would have its own unintended consequences. It does mean that we must be discerning and use good judgment in every instance. We must not be fooled by credentials and claims of experience. We must look at actions, past and present. We must not be deluded by promises of safety and prosperity from those unable to deliver, or worse, with other agendas.

    We are on a precipice. If we don’t plan for current and new weather patters, we may be literally “under water.” If we don’t prepare for economic shifts, we may find as many already have, that we are deeply in debt with little chance of recapturing our losses.

    If we don’t prepare for mutations of bacteria and viruses by supporting new research, we may find that our medications and treatments are ineffective. If we don’t elect honest, trustworthy visionaries with the ability to surround themselves with those who understand strategic implementation of those visions, we will be led down a path capable of destruction of our freedom and justice systems. Democracy is yet in its infancy, and needs leadership and nurturing to grow and thrive.

    As humans, we are bombarded with marketing, telling us what we need and then selling us the solution. We have become acculturated with this expectation, even to the point of taking on debt we can’t afford to purchase products we don’t need.

    Humanity is sleeping. We are too often being led by those with selfish agendas that will not serve to elevate us individually or collectively. We need to discern our own needs and find proper remedies. We need to prioritize our time and resources. We must not follow empty promises leading us to give up our right to self-determination as a trade-off for anything. For, at the end of the day, our self-determination is all that keeps us free.

    Freedom is everything! If you don’t believe this, look at what oppressed people are willing to risk and endure for the sake of freedom. Freedom must be kept at all costs, for without it, we are vulnerable to all that is evil.

    Listen carefully to what you hear. Does it ring true within you? This is the real test. Practice using it in all decisions with all people. Freedom never was, nor will be, free.

    This Meditation is dedicated to attaining and maintaining human freedom, and to all who strive to do so.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
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