• 169th International Peace Meditation “Rest and Rejuvenation”

    “Rest and Rejuvenation”

    Jan. 2, 2011 — ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….’ That beautiful scripture from Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, has brought us peace in the recognition that there is a time and a place for everything, and nature demonstrates the natural evolution of all.

    But what about the blips in evolution? The unexpected? The new? Those things which in a moment change everything? Where is the solace? The harmony? The reassurance? The peace?

    Nature is full of the anticipated, and the unanticipated. We are familiar with the rhythms–night to day to night again. The changing seasons. The tides. The changing colors. But what about the unexpected? The unanticipated? The things which lie outside the norm?

    What are these things? Mutated viruses. New diseases. Unexplained neurological changes. Unexplained animal deaths. Areas of little recognition and exploration such as the Bermuda Triangle, UFO’s and “visitations”, and the paranormal experiences of some.

    What about the changes resulting in tremendous societal upheaval such as rapid changes in technology causing yesterday’s inventions to be obsolete?

    What about the unexplained changes being noted in children such as rampant allergies, autism, and evidence of knowing and remembering beyond our current understanding?

    What about hybridization and cloning decisions from which we cannot return?

    What about new and evolving understanding of the universe that rapidly replaces years of previous thought?

    What about speed? Rapid electronic communication allows us to bypass humanconstructed boundaries such as democracies and autocracies.

    The predictable season changes give us a sense of confidence. Unanticipated climate changes do not.

    UFO reports that are explained as experimental human aircraft or natural phenomena give us confidence. Unexplained reports do not.

    Definitions of the end of human life used by millions worldwide give us confidence. Experiences of those who “died” and returned to tell about their experiences have created doubt regarding general medical practice for determination of time of death.

    Hybridization and cloning may make us feel powerful. Lack of control over what is created may be alarming.

    Believing, not long ago, that the earth is the center of the universe gave us confidence over our destiny. Does seeing ourselves, as some conclude, as minute expressions of cosmic events change our view of reality?

    We have confidence in predictability and those things within human understanding and control. It is maverick ideas, inventions, facts, questions, explorations, and interventions which shake us to our very core, and challenge our perceptions of reality.

    Some of us cling to the faith of our forefathers. Some of us plow into the unexplored and unexplained territory of the physical and nonphysical. But, inside, all of us grapple with, “What is reality?” as it shifts like sand beneath our feet.

    Living with shifting definitions of reality, unpredictability, and a rapidly changing evolution of what we believe, is tiring. We need to rest and renew. To rejuvenate. To accept that much of what we always accepted is no longer true. It is not only our physical bodies, but also our spirits that cry for time out. We need to allow for the integration of the new, changes in the old, and updated recognition of what is predictable, and what we may never control.

    An expanded vision of reality changes all perception. Yet, what exists, is. It is up to us to provide ourselves time to process and integrate the new.

    We can understand what can happen to humanity by studying human history while integrating current and potential technological changes. The History Channel in “Life after People” showed us possibilities that could occur after humanity. It is up to us to allow for infinite possibilities while creating finite solutions. Thinking out of the box has never been more critical.

    We cannot cling only to that which makes us feel safe. We must create safety within all that which we cannot yet anticipate.

    This Meditation is dedicated to those who bravely question without requiring answers, and who remain open to possibilities.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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