• 168th International Peace Meditation “What Are the True Motives?”

    “What Are the True Motives?”

    Dec. 5, 2010 — Election time challenges us to see and hear beyond spoken and published promises. We tend to hear what we want to believe. Then, we wonder if we should believe it. How can we know whom to follow? How can we know whom to trust? Perhaps if we look at a situation objectively, we will be in a better position to make a positive choice.

    First, look at each specific situation within the context of the bigger picture.

    Second, look at each situation against all that we know about that person or group.

    Third, research all options, noting risks and benefits.

    Fourth, trust your gut instinct. We all know far more at an instinctual level than we can possibly learn on an intellectual level only. We may find that our wisest decisions are made by collecting all relevant information, and then testing our decision against our gut instinct. Even if all of the relevant information appears positive, our instincts have other information which is often more important.

    What is “gut instinct?” There are many possible definitions. For our purposes here we shall define it as all that we know, especially about a person, even when it conflicts with what he or she is saying.

    Elections in which we pour all of our hopes and dreams upon a candidate are likely to produce disastrous results. Systems are full of history, cultures, competition, competing motives, and people with many and often conflicting agendas. When we believe that one, or even a few, people can assume power and make our dreams come true, we are being reckless and foolhardy. It reflects a giving up of responsibility and assuming childlike naivete. It is not adult behavior. It can lead to oppressive consequences.

    All decisions about a person are decisions about relationship to that person. Whether choosing a spouse or a public leader, character traits of honesty, integrity, and reliability are at stake. Would you trust this person with a young child? an older or disabled adult? a vault of money? a weapon? If you can’t answer yes to the most basic of human character traits, you cannot trust this person in other matters as well!

    Most of us would say that we want peace. We want prosperity for ourselves and our families. We want to leave the world safer for our children and grandchildren. That cannot happen if we rely on false promises, people with untrustworthy motives and actions, and people who dream without rational strategies to accomplish the dream.

    The time has never been more important for cautious choices. We used to be able to recognize the enemy. Now, the enemy looks just like us. Our only true defense is to trust our gut instincts while researching our options.

    We need to be awake and aware. The alternative is unacceptable and may put us in danger.

    This Meditation is dedicated to following our instincts which we, like animals, must use to survive.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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