• 128th International Peace Meditation “Accepting What We Know and Taking Action”

    “Accepting What We Know and Taking Action”

    August 5, 2007 — On July 26, 2007, Fox News carried a story about five UFO’s over England seen by people celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday. What struck me as so ironic was that: 1.) This was reported on mainstream media; and 2.) One of the news announcers appeared to be surprised that there are organizations that investigate reports of this phenomenon. However, what I find even more interesting is that there have been thousands of reports of UFO’s worldwide, many by credible witnesses including pilots and those in the military, yet this information is “buried” by media and governments while we go about our daily activities blithely unaware.

    Bookstores, especially large corporate mainstream venues, have almost ceased to carry books on the subject of UFO activity. While “New Age” materials continue to have a place, generally somewhere far from initial public view, the shelves are devoid of the most current information on the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects.

    Even so-called UFO “documentaries” tend to end with cynicism, leaving the viewer with a bad taste for anything not readily understood. In the meantime, we are content to close our minds, preferring to leave the topic to “scientists”, who appear to avoid what isn’t readily understood or financially lucrative.

    Don’t we need to question other areas where we seem to have become dull? Education in the United States Public Schools has become “one size fits all”. While I heartily endorse closing learning gaps across our diversity including race and poverty, I do not aspire to a set of facts, regurgitated to pass tests, while much thinking remains less than critical. I am amazed at the focus on entertainment as opposed to scholarship, and cringe as I continue to read books with poor grammar and misspelled words. Our Information Age may be both a blessing and a curse on civilization.

    Our government leaders often appear to be one-item leaders focused on milk carton-style publicity. If we can’t condense it to a slogan, who will listen or read? Our sound-byte reporting often fails to adequately inform the viewer of relevant facts needed for informed decision-making.

    Would it be in the best interest of some others if you and I don’t question? Here’s a brief list for your consideration. I hope you will write to me with your list so this small one can be expanded upon.

    Credible individuals have recorded UFO’s for generations. Who doesn’t want us to know? Why?

    Life support technology is now available that can extend life for some chronically ill patients, but also be used to address temporary problems. Yet, upon entering a hospital one is asked to declare one’s intentions about life supports, almost implying that one wouldn’t want them. Do you really know enough about current technology and its potential uses to make that decision? Who doesn’t want you to know? What is the real meaning of “quality of life decision-making”? “Keeping them comfortable”? Are insurance companies now influencing these ethical and critical questions? Who stands to benefit from your early, and perhaps needless, demise?

    Programs to rehabilitate those with addictions are struggling for funding while violent crime, often related to drugs, increases. Who benefits from more prisons and punishment systems when addicts are not rehabilitated?

    Some Minorities in the United States have made great strides in public education. Surely there can be no doubt about ability to excel. So why are so many of our schools more segregated than ever? Why are they now ‘not only separate but unequal’? (United We Stand: Reflections On A True Democracy by Sue Kidd Shipe and available on this website.) Who benefits from this disgusting injustice? In what ways do they benefit?

    The reason given for our current world war on terrorism is that there are those who would benefit from destroying the free world’s way of life. Are we really free if we are unable and unwilling to think for ourselves?

    If we educate only those who can afford outrageous tuition costs, aren’t we thus promoting an elite class whose existence we deny? Is that why there is such an outcry regarding many online universities who do not need to charge for brick and mortar?

    If we educate only some, who benefits?

    If there are life support options only for those who are adequately insured, who benefits?

    If we continue to argue among ourselves, build political empires in our governmental agencies rather than truly serve the people, or forget what Democracy and Freedom really mean, who benefits?

    The answers may be more than a matter of life and death. They may be a matter of the continuation of civilization. Freedom cannot come to, nor stay within, closed minds.

    Perhaps it’s time for each of us to turn off the TV rhetoric, listen to our own thoughts, question our beliefs and behaviors, and begin to make better choices!

    This Meditation is dedicated to Knowledge, that deep instinctual Knowing within each of us that is often buried by too much information, too little information, or information that is manipulated for personal or political gain.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
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