• 127th International Peace Meditation “Self-Governing as an Antidote to Violence”

    “Self-Governing as an Antidote to Violence”

    July 1, 2007-We humans seem confused. We look for long periods of time for the “right” leader, and then bash her/his reputation mercilessly while appearing to feel righteous and empowered by doing so. Bashing those who attempt to lead a democracy may be no more empowering than following a dictator. Both lead to frustration, angry opposition, and oppressive policies.

    To be self-governing means to have self-discipline. For example, just because there is a legal loophole does not mean that one should take advantage of it. The person with self-control will not abuse a privilege or try to make himself/herself exempt from the spirit and intent of the law. When people choose to make themselves an exception, inequality is the result.

    Humans need a broader view of what democracy means. It is not intended as a fast track to get ahead of others. Opportunity for empowerment needs to be available for all. When people within a democracy attempt to get ahead at the expense of others, they are abusing freedom.

    Freedom allows an individual to make choices. It allows one to follow one’s dreams, and develop and use unique talents so that those talents may be used to help others. The physician who is truly dedicated to healing is such an example. While most professionals live to a code of high ethical standards, there are also some who do not, leading at times to distrust of their profession. For example, those who seek power and fame in medicine are sometimes tempted to use patients for personal research. Thus, the motives of the physician or other professional are of utmost importance.

    Teachers are among those with the most power because often their students are young and trusting. This makes them vulnerable to abuse that may be mental, physical, emotional, or sexual. Teachers, more than most professionals, also tend to work alone. Therefore, supervision and high standards are always required.

    Those in spiritual and religious leadership have great potential for misleading their followers. Access to their personal information makes even adults vulnerable. Those going into religious leadership should be carefully screened for motives and tendencies that might be inappropriate for a leadership role. Spiritual Teachers must be true teachers. You can tell a true teacher by his/her actions. Do not depend on words alone.

    Those in care-giving roles must have strict personal discipline as the vulnerability, especially of the young, elderly, and disabled involves high stakes. The very life of the person could be in jeopardy. That is often why those who are abusers may be the most rejected even within the prison system. Sadly, many who are incarcerated were once victims of ruthless predators.

    Self-control is a form of self-governance. Democracies depend on people who are responsible and have self-control. Those who want to be an exception to equal enforcement threaten the very foundation of a republic built upon the rule of law. Therefore, it is important that all, whether born within the nation’s boundaries or a newcomer, become citizens with responsible behavior, and be supportive of the laws of the country.

    Good governance is self-governance. Choosing representatives to lead is both an important decision and a freedom won by the lives of others. This right to choose must be respected and guarded. Those who believe themselves to be above the law, or remain beyond its grasp, threaten the foundation possibly leading to chaos. Freedom of the media is essential to a democracy, and the media must not be controlled by corporate greed or used as entertainment.

    People who want freedom must live according to self-imposed law. This leads to variety of thought and perspective, but unity of allegiance. When people stop believing in the importance of democracy and freedom under law, they are vulnerable to losing it.

    Be aware of where We, The People are losing control. Consciousness is the first step toward positive action.

    This Meditation is dedicated to the beauty of freedom and democracy, and its need to be maintained through personal and political vigilance.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D. Executive Director

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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