• 105th International Peace Meditation “Being Used for Higher Purpose”

    “Being Used for Higher Purpose”

    September 4, 2005–As we approach the annual celebration of International Unity Day on September 11, we are reminded that we each get one lifetime on this planet. And it’s what we do during this lifetime that’s important.

    It is easy to forget that life on this earth is finite. We are taught, and many of us believe, that our spirit is infinite. However, while we are here, it’s what we say and do that makes meaning out of this existence.

    What do you stand for? Whom do you follow? Where do you lead? Does anyone follow you? What is the purpose of your life?

    These are the real questions, far more important than what’s happening at the shopping mall or in the news. That will change daily, sometimes hourly. Who we are, what we stand for, and what we want to accomplish within our lifespan on earth, are the vital questions we must each ask ourselves.

    You might ask yourself questions such as the following: Do I stand for unity-working together toward common goals? Being a team player? Standing firmly with my family when others would divide us? Or do I think only of myself? Do I believe that caring for the environment, which affects us all, is my responsibility? Do I believe that together we can accomplish much more than any of us can do individually? The latter is not to take away from the importance of leadership. Rather, it reinforces that for leaders to be effective, they must have followers to help accomplish the mission.

    At this period in history, as we attempt to gain a unified agreement worldwide to stop those among us who prefer to terrorize, kill, maim, and destroy our freedoms, unity has become an even more important concept. Will freedom reign? Will fear and destruction reign? Which results do you want? Which results are you willing to work for?

    Freedom of choice is the soul’s requirement. One cannot make free choices under oppression. One must first become free. Lessons learned from life experiences are required for the evolution of the soul. Whether we learn from each experience, or are doomed to repeat similar experiences until we learn, is a choice.

    For those not used to thinking of the soul as evolving, or as having a curriculum, consider for a moment the development of a child. The child learns from each experience. If the child is loved, most of the child’s behaviors will be loving. If a child is abused, many of the child’s behaviors toward others may be abusive in nature. As the child grows and learns, it is these fundamental behaviors-loving or abusive-that will continue to be played out. The child of the criminal has increased chances of growing up to be a criminal unless there are interventions. The children of alcoholics, incarcerated parents, etc., have greater chances of living somewhat similar lives unless there is an intervention. That is where many of us come in. As parents, teachers, healthcare providers, family members, or friends, we attempt to shape a child’s life so that difficult life patterns are not repeated.

    Sometimes it is easy to forget that the adult continues to develop, and that the behaviors of the adult reflect what the person is learning. If the adult has not learned limits with drugs and alcohol, that will be reflected in behaviors. If the adult has not yet learned to love, that may be reflected in abusive behaviors toward the family. The lessons not yet learned will continue to be reflected in behaviors. It needs to be the goal for each of us that we learn from each life lesson, and are then able to contribute that learning through increased service to humanity.

    International Unity Day can have many purposes and many lessons. We all need to learn to care for others across our differences of age, race, culture, disability, and lifestyle. This commemoration can remind us that freedom is for all, and that all must be for freedom. When we commit to unity, we commit to quality of life for all people.

    International Unity Day can be a springboard for positive action, giving us opportunities to practice the concept of unity. Activities that promote awareness and understanding, or that help improve the life condition of others, help us experience unity. By experiencing, we understand. By understanding, we become more competent leaders. By leading, we become more aware that with responsibility for the lives of others, where we lead is critical. Will we lead others toward freedom, or oppression? We teach by what we live. The choice is always toward more freedom, or more oppression.

    Change is essential, but change is a choice. Those who try to change others are generally frustrated with lack of success. Deciding to teach about unity and peace so that children may be able to experience them is an adult choice. It is a choice that makes true leaders for it means that the followers are offered the choice. Do you lead or command? Commanding is essential under fire; leading is essential under choice.

    Become the parent, teacher, administrator, and/or community leader that leads others with positive action, positive spirit, wisdom from your life lessons, and creativity that draws others to your side. Unity and peace are not limited to a hippy generation. Unity and peace are the lifeblood of spirituality. Without them, spirituality cannot survive.

    This meditation is designed to guide personal preparation for the annual celebration we call International Unity Day. May the meaning of this day inspire you to deeper relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers, and increase your consciousness of our international community. We are Community, and as so, we all deserve to have freedoms that allow us to live in peace.

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    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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