• 99th International Peace Meditation “Open to Expansion”

    “Open to Expansion”

    March 6, 2005-Welcome to the 99th International Peace Meditation. This is the 99th time, on the first Sunday of the month, that we have meditated and prayed together. Some of us only recently joined. Some of us have been together since the first Sunday in January 1996. Together we have joined in the consciousness of peace, and directed our energy toward empowering ourselves and others.

    You are the Institute. Without you, there would be no Institute. We have worked together in many ways: giving workshops on empowering the caregiver and on wellness; holding individual and group retreats; supporting those experiencing life threatening illnesses; supporting others while dying. As our service grew, so did our influence. Today we work with other important organizations to bring our message of empowerment to others. Currently we are represented in Lions Clubs International, Human Rights Commission, Domestic Violence Task Force, educational organizations, as well as all of the organizations through which our members work.

    It’s not uncommon now to hear from strangers, “International Institute for Human Empowerment-I’ve heard of that!” We’re moving across continents and our message is essential in a rapidly changing world. By now at least 80 countries regularly visit our web site. Some are developing democracies; some are not yet. Some are on the fringe of political upheavals where the desire for freedom is causing many to take grave risks. It is an awesome responsibility to promote freedom, unity, and empowerment when the risks are great and the consequences profound.

    Our current resources will allow us to continue as we have been. But the next important development will be up to you, the readers. You are members by philosophy alone. There are no dues. But if you have been moved to respond at any time to any of the work that is being done by the Institute, please get involved by giving financial support so that the work might expand.

    We need interpreters to put the message of empowerment into other languages so that more people may benefit. We need volunteers to do fundraising. We need you, your continued prayers, but also your contributions. We can continue, supported by the donations of a few, or we can become a powerful movement across the globe that fosters the empowerment of others. Unity depends upon empowerment. People must be free to choose. They must be free to access information upon which to make responsible choices. They must be able to access education in order to be able to provide for their families and survive in challenging markets. They must have basic rights of quality education, healthcare, food, and a safe and loving environment. These are the areas in which we spread the message of empowerment. All people deserve these basic human rights. Without them, they will be unable to reach their potential, and our communities and our world will be denied their future contribution.

    Here is what you can do:

    Write a check to the Institute, or contribute by PayPal. Make the Institute your charity of choice. Pledge to give a monthly amount that will help the Institute expand.
    Ask your employer to match your contribution. We are a 501 (C ) (3) tax exempt organization. In the United States, your contribution is tax deductible.
    Ask your community organizations to contribute to the Institute. Our mission is compatible with many other service organizations. Ask your organization to raise money and donate to this critical mission of spreading a message of peace and empowerment.
    Hold a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to the Institute.
    Send us ideas for fundraisers. Currently the Institute is planning a large lawn sale in June or July 2005. Local requests will be made for donated items for the sale. Your donations of items will also be tax-exempt.
    Help us with our vision of a continuing project: selling used books. We need to find local consignment shops for used books. Donate your books to the Institute, or donate them to a consignment shop in your area, and then donate funds from the sales to the Institute.
    Provide a location for Sue Shipe to sign and sell the book United We Stand: Reflections on a True Democracy. Bring new people to your place of business by marketing this to prospective customers. Or, share in the effort. An example of this might be another sponsoring tax-exempt organization that also wants to raise money. Money from the sales can be shared after expenses.
    Find a publisher for United We Stand: Reflections on a True Democracy. Locate a publisher interested in books on empowering meditations, as well as an ages 5-12 curriculum, Valuing Diversity. United We Stand: Reflections on a True Democracy was first published by the Institute in order to begin to spread a message of empowerment that includes Bills of Rights and Responsibilities. This message needs to be translated and marketed in other countries as well as the United States.
    Find for a publisher for Love Rekindled. This poetry and prose was first Author-published in audiotape form. It needs to be published again in written form with accompanying CD to remain current with technology.
    Provide us with names of people, and strategies for fundraising, capable of helping the Institute expand. Currently the organization, Sales and Marketing Executives of Northeastern New York, is exploring this area. The names and skills of interested individuals and organizations that can work with us are critical to the Institute’s success.
    If you share this vision of empowerment, you are a member of an organization with a worldview of peace and freedom for all. However, the forces of opposition are great. This message is essential for an evolving world where people of all nationalities must be able to work together in peace for the sake of future generations. This will not happen by chance! It will happen because conscious and caring people, like you, support this action.

    Children need to be taught to value our diversity. They need positive reinforcement for acts of kindness toward others. Their future is at risk. We must work together now to teach, by example, the way we want our children to behave and grow. Our Resource Guide, Valuing Diversity, will provide assistance to teachers and community leaders working with children and youth.

    Thank you for joining during the 24 hours of March 6, from wherever you happen to be, in the 99th International Peace Meditation. This month our focus will be on the expansion of the Institute. Be open to new ideas as you reflect. Consider new ways to work towards expanding the message to a world in deep need of positive leadership and inspiration.

    Write a check today, and send it to the Institute to help us as we expand in order to reach so many people in need. Indicate if you want the donation designated for translating and publishing, or for the general fund. Let us know if you can make a monthly pledge to help carry out the work.

    Thank you for being a kind, caring, conscious person who helps others in less fortunate conditions. To learn more about the work of the Institute, see previous news releases on our web site at www.humanempowerment.org.

    May the blessings of peace and freedom be with you,

    Sue Kidd Shipe
    Executive Director

    You may contribute online via PayPal:

    Or send your contributions to:
    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.
    P.O. Box 3920
    Albany, New York 12203 USA
    Please make checks or money orders out to:
    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.

    The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc. is a
    501 ( C )( 3 ) tax-exempt organization recognized by the United States Government. Your contribution within the USA is tax-exempt.
    Sue Kidd Shipe, Executive Director
    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.
    P. O. Box 3920
    Albany, New York  12203   USA
    (518) 393-9491

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