• 88th International Peace Meditation “Making Time for the Important in Life”

    “Making Time for the Important in Life”

    April 4, 2004-Spiritual purpose puts demands on the spiritual sojourner. These requirements set one apart, and often can make one the target of judgments from those who do not understand.

    The spiritual path is a way of life. It is the way of one who desires to find a purpose to which to devote one’s life. Often it is practiced within the parameters of conventional religions. For some, it requires moving away to explore spiritual truths for oneself.

    Moving away from tradition is full of pitfalls. The one who chooses to associate with others of different races, beliefs or lifestyles is often the recipient of unpleasant remarks by those less tolerant. The one who chooses to marry outside the “clan” does so with the knowledge that many will neither understand nor accept. Leaving the family religious tradition is also often a cause of conflict. Thus, the one who chooses to follow a spiritual path can expect to be criticized and sometimes rejected.

    One does not need to look far to find great leaders who were rejected, even killed, for following their spiritual paths. Jesus Christ, leader of the Christian faith, taught about and modeled unconditional love. It cost him his physical life. Yet, because he followed his spiritual path to its conclusion, his leadership has influenced millions worldwide.

    Other great leaders were at times obscure within their physical lifetimes. Composers, writers, and artists who never knew fame were later “discovered”. Yet, the world would have been deprived of much inspiration had they chosen not to follow the paths for which they were uniquely designed.

    So it is, still, for today’s spiritual sojourner. Life can be challenging, and living according to an ethic and creed that requires honesty as well as service to others is one that may go against the tide of prevailing behaviors and values. Yet it is those who remain true to values of honesty, equality, and service to others who make major contributions to the society at large.

    Consider the corporate leaders who refuse to lie or to be influenced by greed. Consider the devoted spiritual leaders who provide inspiration and hope in the face of adversity. Consider the attorneys, physicians, and psychotherapists who refuse to take financial advantage of others’ adversity. Consider those who protect freedoms everywhere.

    Think of the service personnel who are seldom paid according to their worth to the company. Think of the advocates for those less fortunate who work for little or no pay. Think of the honest politicians who are disgusted with the behaviors of some of their colleagues. Think of the teachers who are not critical, but positively reinforce and encourage their students.

    Think of the parents of newborns, or ill children, who never rest. Think of the nurses who give until they are exhausted, and then give more when needed. Think of the volunteers in not-for-profit corporations who work full-time with personal fulfillment as their only reward.

    All of us know others who are not motivated by greed. We know others who serve the public with little reward. We know spiritual leaders, parents, adult children, and healthcare providers who are on call at all times. We know those in customer service who truly serve.

    Spiritual sojourners learn to make life their work rather than work their life. They know the value of giving service wherever they are-at home, office, or in the marketplace. They are “spiritual”, or loving, at all times. And by being so, they make the world better for all of us.

    For some, the spiritual path is living every moment in the consciousness of being in the presence of God, or Allah, or Love. For others, it means leaving all that is comfortable. It may mean challenging systems: beliefs, policies, practices, or customs. It may put one at risk. It may even jeopardize one’s life. But it is the life worth living. And its reward is a well-lived life.

    May we each live our lives so that we leave behind a life contribution such as a well-raised child, a painting, policies that truly serve others, cures for diseases, challenges to discrimination on all levels, devotion to truth-telling, and care for and protection of the poor, sick, elderly, children, and animals. Wherever we are guided by our talents and desire to serve, may we have the courage to accept the challenge.

    And even as we do, let’s support the others we see and know who, by their lives, make our world a better place.

    This Meditation is dedicated to all those who live their spiritual purpose, and thus give their unique spiritual contributions for the betterment of All.

    Please join us in prayer/meditation on Sunday, April 4, and again the first Sunday of every month. The Peace Meditation is for all people of all beliefs. Its message is universal. The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc. is not affiliated with any religion in order that it may be of service to all.

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