• 47th International Peace Meditation “An Invitation to Join”

    Schenectady, NY — (11/01/2000) —

    A statement from Sue Shipe:

    “November 5, 2000, marks the 47th time we will have held the International Peace Meditation. As we approach four years of meditating/praying together for peace in our hearts, our country, and our world, I want to thank each of you for your continued participation, and invite those of you who are new to join us.

    “Each month, on the first Sunday of the month, we join in consciousness through meditation/prayer with one another, and with all those like-minded people who are meditating and praying for peace throughout the world. Our invitation to join in the International Peace Meditation has been on our website since 1997. We will never know the extent of our participation around the world, but we can feel the impact of our participation within our own lives.

    “During our meditation, we always ask for healing for those we each know who are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Please include them in your prayers, and ask that your prayers include all those whose lives and circumstances are being included by the other participants. In other words, by joining together in meditation and prayer, we jointly lift the concerns for all others.

    “Peace begins in our own hearts, and spreads to others. Let Peace begin within each of us. Please invite your Church, Fellowship, Society, Synagogue, or other house of worship to join with us the first Sunday of every month. I would appreciate hearing from you should your religious organization decide to participate. Unity begins by joining hearts and minds in common purpose. Let peace in our hearts, peace in our world, and concern for our fellow humans worldwide, be our common goal.

    “Thank you again for joining in prayer/meditation this Sunday, at any time and from any place. Feel free to forward this e-mail to your family, friends, and colleagues and invite them to join. For more information about the International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc., please see our web site at www.humanempowerment.org.”

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