• 183rd International Peace Meditation “A New Way for a New Day”

    “A New Way for a New Day”

    March 4, 2012 — Welcome to the beginning of our new Empowerment Center. We’re still under construction, but wanted our faithful readers to be the first to know. We have received a lot of help from many in the business community, and are preparing for our new step forward. For the advice we’ve received from many perspectives, we want to express our gratitude.

    It’s a New Day! Do you ever feel like you”re on the cusp of important, even critical, change, yet you can’t quite define it?

    Do you ever feel restless? feel a sense of nagging that won’t go away? feel conflicted? feel your relationships changing? feel dissatisfied with organizations and institutions that you once enjoyed?

    Do you feel insecure with the future even as you work hard, advance, invest, and follow your financial planner’s advice?

    Do you ever feel like you need to do more, but you don’t know what? Do you ever feel like you have no real sense of purpose? that your work doesn’t contribute enough to society? that you’ve followed your plan for your life, even been successful, but still feel empty? that you aren’t satisfied with the legacy you’re leaving behind?

    Do your relationships feel empty? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to love, and to be loved, unconditionally? Do you know what unconditional love is? Do you ever wonder if family or friends would stop loving you if you stopped providing for their needs? if you became ill? if you couldn’t work anymore? if you lost your looks?

    Do you ever go to the religious services of your choice, only to still feel empty? Are the questions inside you becoming more pronounced and profound? Are you asking, “Why am I here?” What am I supposed to do?” “Is this all there is?” Do you find your old beliefs and values changing, but, you have nothing to replace them?

    In your search for more, are you doing spiritual “smorgasbording?” Are you running here and there, sampling everything? Are you finding peace, or does it still elude you?

    These, and more, are some of the questions elicited by our time in history: “A New Day”. Evolutionary change is occurring rapidly now, and we can sense it by feelings of unrest. What is causing this change?

    In times of rapid evolutionary change, energy increases. You can’t see it, but it’s always there. It causes restlessness, searching, rushing, and sometimes fatigue and illness. It feels like what we refer to as stress, but it is different. It builds within our bodies, and if we don’t find ways to release it, it can make us sick.

    Physicians increasingly implore us to move. Research shows that exercise is one of the healthiest things we can do. What we also need is more than going to the gym. Energy release, different from stress release, is also essential. We purposely bring energy into our bodies at times to facilitate healing. It is equally essential that we release energy, even positive energy, to keep our minds and bodies functioning.

    We’re seeing an increase in many illnesses and sensitivities possibly related to this New Day. Allergies, autism, developmental changes in children, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, autoimmune illnesses, and multiple sensitivities may be related to this increase in evolutionary energy. While these illnesses and sensitivities were noted in the past, there has been an explosion in the last few years. This energy may affect our central nervous system. We don’t know how much havoc it will cause if we don’t learn how to release it.

    “A New Way for a New Day” is what we are preparing. It won’t be developed overnight, but will be expanded over time. Currently we are preparing for workshops and retreats, and a new book is already in development. We expect to have new materials ready for purchase this Spring.

    Why am I telling you this now? Because I suspect many of you are ready for a next step–a step toward addressing the restlessness you feel.

    When I began my conscious spiritual journey 22 years ago, I felt like a tennis ball was being bounced back and forth inside me. I felt like I had something I needed to do, but I didn’t know what. The restlessness went from dissatisfaction to cymbals crashing within me. Then, I started my conscious spiritual journey, and the inner peace began.

    I can’t promise you inner peace. I can’t promise that the unrest and dissatisfaction will go away. But I can say with some sense of certainty that if you come and participate, you will find some answers that are already within you. What you choose to do with that information is your decision. We provide leadership to help you allow answers to come to you. We provide: “A New Way for a New Day”.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director,
    Spiritual Empowerment Teacher and Author

    Products to help you navigate this New Day

    Love Rekindled– a CD of poetry and prose written and read by Sue Kidd Shipe. Coming soon!

    Invitation to Love–book by Sue Kidd Shipe–coming soon!

    Celebrate Diversity!: A Guide to Community, School & Organizational Empowerment by Sue Kidd Shipe and available at www.humanempowerment.org Discounts available for larger orders. (Here’s what Readers are saying about Celebrate Diversity!…..)

    United We Stand: Reflections on a True Democracy by Sue Kidd Shipe and available at www.humanempowerment.org Discounts available for educators and larger orders. Here’s what people are saying about United We Stand…..)

    Fibromyalgia: Awareness, Advocacy & Action available at humanempowerment.org
    This is our 16th year of continuous meditation.

    Please join us in prayer/meditation during the 24 hours of Sunday, March 4th, and again the first Sunday of every month. Forward our Meditation to all in your address book; make copies for your religious and spiritual brochures and bulletins.

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    Fibromyalgia Support Group

    Meets the third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. (except June, July, August and December)
    Questions, please call Agnes Welch, Support Group Leader, at 518 482-5533

    St. Peter’s Hospital, Albany
    Staff Dining Rooms A & B off the Cafeteria
    (follow the bank of soda machines to find the room)
    Free parking with ticket validation

    PROGRAM: Tuesday March 20 — Ashley Ennis will discuss PPA (Partnership for Prescription Assistance)
    PROGRAM Tuesday April 17 — Lorraine Calleri, OTR/LMT will talk about options for treating Fibromyalgia
    PROGRAM Tuesday May 15 — Sue Shipe, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc., will talk about the Institute’s advocacy efforts.
    Clinical Trials for Fibromyalgia.

    Thank you to all who contributed toward the printing and re-printing of our Fibromyagia Report. Be sure to write to sueshipe@www.humanempowerment.org or call 518.393.9491 for free copies for physicians, patients, and interested others. Help us spread the word! Thank you also for donating for all our efforts toward “helping individuals and organizations recognize and harness their power.”
    September 11 — “International Unity Day”
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    The International Peace Meditation invites people of all faiths to participate. The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc., a 501C3 charity registered in New York State, is not a member of any religion in order that it may serve all.

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