• 179th International Peace Meditation “A Time for Giving, and Giving Thanks”

    November 6, 2011

    “A Time for Giving, and Giving Thanks”

    Dear Friend of the Institute:

    What if you could help bring coping strategies to patients and caregivers struggling with the devastating pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia?

    What if you could help those feeling spiritually lost?

    What if you could help people suffering from low self-esteem, and feelings of unworthiness?

    What if you could provide alternatives to hate and violence by teaching appreciation of our differences?

    What if you could help provide ethical leadership guidance to support the Leaders of today, and prepare the Leaders of tomorrow?

    What if you could help bring a vision of freedom to those people around the world who have never experienced it?


    If you could help bring hope to others, wouldn’t you do it?
    Can you spare an amount equal to even one or two holiday gifts or celebrations?


    You can help make a powerful difference in the lives of many by giving to the International Institute for Human Empowerment so that our work may continue to expand.

    We are a 501C3 tax-exempt volunteer organization. Nobody is employed. All of our expenses are directly related to our programs including seminars, conferences, publishing, and an expanding website. We collect no dues, but work through existing networks and organizations to reach people worldwide. Our website is visited by over 100 countries, many of which are not democracies.

    Please take the time right now to make a tax-deductible donation to the Institute through PayPal at www.humanempowerment.org, or by sending a check to:

    International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.
    P.O. Box 3920; Albany, New York 12203

    There is so much more work for us to do. Thank you for making it possible!


    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

    For this Meditation may we give thanks for the caring work we each have been called to do, and ask for guidance and support for all of our efforts to help others.

    Please join us in prayer/meditation during the 24 hours of Sunday, November 6, and again the first Sunday of every month. This is our 15th year of continuous monthly meditation. Forward our Meditation to all in your address book; make copies for your religious and spiritual brochures and bulletins.

    Please visit us on Facebook and click the Like button: http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Institute-for-Human-Empowerment/104758086241125
    Your financial support of the International Institute For Human Empowerment helps us spread messages of Empowerment at home and globally. To learn more about the Institute, go to www.humanempowerment.org

    Your contribution within the USA is tax-exempt. You may contribute online via PayPal:

    by Jonathan Cooper, M.D., Physiatrist
    and Medical Advisor to the International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc.
    Clinical Trials for Fibromyalgia.

    Thank you to all who contributed toward the printing and re-printing of our Fibromyagia Report. Be sure to write to sueshipe@www.humanempowerment.org or call 518.393.9491 for free copies for physicians, patients, and interested others. Help us spread the word! Thank you also for donating for all our efforts toward “helping individuals and organizations recognize and harness their power.”
    Diversity Resources
    Celebrate Diversity!–a Guide for Community, School, and Organizational Empowerment. This new book is available on https://www.humanempowerment.org/celebrate_diversity.html and Amazon.com

    New! MP3 download of “Love Rekindled” www.humanempowerment.org/LoveRekindled.html
    September 11 — “International Unity Day”
    For more information, go to www.humanempowerment.org and click on the globe Please join us with your own local commemoration and Proclamation! Purchase a copy of Celebrate Diversity! to aid in planning your International Unity Day Event.
    Click Here for Ways that you can participate and support the International Institute For Human Empowerment

    The International Peace Meditation invites people of all faiths to participate. The International Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc., a 501C3 charity registered in New York State, is not a member of any religion in order that it may serve all.

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