• 158th International Peace Meditation “Wasted Opportunities”

    “Wasted Opportunities”

    February 7, 2010 — The United States political scene is rife with examples of wasted opportunities. Basic human needs for healthcare for some are unmet due to our inability to adequately assess and address the issue. It is our human failure to work together without other agendas that is corrupting our efforts. Sadly, this inability or refusal to work together is creating lost opportunities at many levels.

    If there were but one area that we could change that could positively affect the lives of billions of people around the globe, it would be for humans to work together in positive ways that achieve desired outcomes. From small local governments, to large national governments, willingness to put aside personal agendas for the greater good has become increasingly essential.

    Perhaps with small problems we can tolerate this resistance. Will we build our project on this piece of land, or another? Will we allow this within our zoning district, or not? Will we assess our citizens more for public works, or keep a tight rein on the budget? These local issues, reflective of only local needs, do not affect large scale populations. Unwillingness to work in a civil manner may hurt a few people, without affecting the population at large.

    It is quite different when larger numbers of people are affected. Refusal by governmental organizations to address issues in a manner that allows them to be resolved favorably for citizens is unacceptable. Personal in-fighting as well as political aspirations and agendas have the capacity to hurt many. Whether it results in a lack of services or resources directly, or indirectly, failure to act positively can have a major impact upon human well-being.

    Consider the issues surrounding international aid to many of the most vulnerable among us. Caring people, giving individually or through their tax dollars, only to be met with corrupt regimes siphoning off resources or prohibiting access to the people in need. Failure to put aside the desire for power, even to the point of hurting or killing thousands of people, is one of the most brutal manifestations of unwillingness to work together. Wasted opportunities for critical caring assistance leave destroyed lives and potential, as well as legacies of horror.

    We see examples daily through our media. The stop sign that never gets erected resulting in the death of a child. The lack of oversight for products that we consume until there are deaths, illnesses, massive recalls and resulting legal battles. Agency decisions that could improve public education eliminated by a change of administration. Radical swings that have little to do with what’s good for the people, and more to do with leaving personal imprints on history. Our multiple party system is designed to encourage debate so that consensus can be built around the best emerging solutions. It was not, I believe, built to encourage bickering and power-struggles to the detriment of its citizenry.

    If we put aside our personal agendas, bitterness, and power-struggles, we won’t miss opportunities to meet the needs of all people. Can we learn to value joint recognition over personal recognition? Can we learn to serve at any level, rather than vying only for positions of status and financial gain? Can we each learn to look at a person’s true motives, rather than motives assigned by those with competing interests? Can we stop the political destruction caused by lies and deception?

    Our language has become even more hateful and impatient. Those who work in customer service positions report a rising tide of verbal abuse. Outbursts of physical violence have become commonplace.

    Each of these instances, and millions more, reflects wasted opportunities for meeting the needs of people locally, nationally, and internationally. Unmet needs lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and too often, ultimately, to violence. We can empower ourselves and others when we put aside personal ambitions, desire for power, and bitterness and anger, and inspire hope through positive human problem-solving and resolution.

    The challenge is up to us. We, the People. . . . . . . . .

    The following is taken from United We Stand: Reflections on a True Democracy
    by Sue Kidd Shipe, copyright 2000
    (available on Amazon.com and www.humanempowerment.org)

    In a true democracy all people listen.
    all people care.
    all people’s needs are important.
    all people feel cared for.
    all people experience respect.
    all people serve.
    all people are equal.
    all people are free.
    In a true democracy there are no demagogues.
    there is no violence.
    all people are entitled to equal representation.
    all systems serve people.
    all people are responsible for their actions.
    all systems are adequate to meet people’s needs.
    there are no judgments based upon characteristics.
    all people are free.
    In a true democracy all people are open to learning.
    religion is spiritual, not political.
    minds are not controlled by fear and guilt.
    all minds are open to explore.
    paradigms can be challenged.
    children learn by example.
    adults model the behavior they want from their children.
    all children and adults are free.
    In a true democracy all elected officials serve from a position of caring.
    all elected officials lead by following.
    all people may trust their leadership.
    all people are in control of their lives.
    all people are free of self-limiting beliefs.
    all people contribute that which they are uniquely designed to contribute.
    all people give their lives in service to the principles of democracy.
    all people are truly free.
    In a true democracy all wisdom is preserved.
    all people are known by their true motives.
    motives are that which allow relationship.
    motives are for the highest good.
    there is trust.
    there is no fear.
    all people can trust their leaders.
    all people are truly free.
    In a true democracy all people know their purpose and calling.
    all people contribute their calling.
    all needs are met through people.
    all who take also give.
    giving and taking are an unbroken circle.
    all people believe.
    all people are empowered.
    all people are truly free.
    In a true democracy all people are free to heal.
    healing is a birthright.
    people know how to access healing power.
    power is free.
    power is in the people.
    power is used only for the highest good.
    power flows from the top.
    all people are truly free.
    In a true democracy all people return to their Source.
    the Source is free.
    the Source is available to all.
    one is not assessed for access to the Source.
    all races, genders, ethnicities, and spiritual expressions are equal.
    all people value their heritage and that of all others.
    differences are regarded as enriching.
    all people are truly free.
    In a true democracy our acceptance creates unity.
    our unity is our strength.
    our unity is our power.
    all people are empowered.
    all people are empowered to serve.
    all people also receive.
    all people care and are cared for.
    all people are truly free.
    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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