• 148th International Peace Meditation “The Empowered Patient”

    “The Empowered Patient”

    April 5, 2009 — Life gives us opportunities to learn and to grow. Sometimes these lessons are fun and joyful. Often, the lessons are painful, disruptive, and energy draining. How can we reframe these painful experiences in a way that does not leave us bitter and angry? Perhaps one way is to see them as part of life’s lessons: a kind of curriculum of the soul.

    We are spirit incarnated. In other words, we sometimes are able to see ourselves not as bodies with a spirit, but as spirits with a body. The spirit is infinite and eternal; the body is finite. What learns and evolves is what we call the spirit, or soul, or consciousness. In this context, as I prepare for the Institute to sponsor a booth at the Women’s Health Expo in Albany, NY, on May 12 at the Concourse under the Plaza, I am reflecting on my journey. Our booth will be on the topic of Fibromyalgia, and many will visit hoping for answers.

    Fibromyalgia is a manageable pain syndrome with no known cause or cure. Treatments vary widely, with many only somewhat useful. The individual patient is left to seek, out of a variety of options, which ones bring some relief. It is a solitary journey, even with an estimated 10,000,000 Fibromyalgia patients in the United States alone. I am reflecting over beautiful Lake George, my home away from home, as I prepare for this booth and so many questions with so few answers, and seemingly even fewer physicians who know about it, or care. I can’t share answers; I can share reflections. I hope that they are meaningful to you on whatever journey you may be.

    My reflections about being an Empowered Patient follow below. It is written here in the female version, but also can be applied to, and adapted for, males.

    Blessings to you,
    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

    The Empowered Patient

    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Knows her rights and responsibilities
    Takes responsibility for her own life
    Cares about herself and others
    Will not be talked down to
    Will ask questions
    Will research the answers
    Will review many sources
    Will ask herself: Does that ring true?
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Makes good decisions
    Trusts her own judgment
    Is not afraid to question
    Is not afraid to challenge the status quo
    Accepts ultimate responsibility for her decisions
    Does not blame others
    Researches options until she is satisfied
    Bravely exercises her selected options.
    The Empowered patient is one who

    Goes forward trusting her judgment
    Does not judge others for differing opinions
    Chooses conventional and unconventional approaches
    Is aware of her own needs
    Seeks to help others with similar needs
    Respects each patient’s life and health choices
    Respects the diversity of approaches
    Seeks what best meets her needs.
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Accepts herself and others
    Always strives for self-awareness
    Shares her wisdom with others
    Respects diversity of needs and solutions
    Always makes the best of each situation
    Respects her limitations and those of others
    Focuses on what she can do
    Forgives herself for what she is unable to do.
    The Empowered Patients is one who

    Is self-aware
    Practices self-care
    Listens to her inner knowing
    Selects her activities judiciously
    Seeks to learn and improve
    Is willing to say “no”
    Recognizes that she can best serve others–
    When taking care of herself.
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Seeks first to empower herself
    Seeks always to learn and grow
    Incorporates new ideas
    Releases all that is no longer viable
    Cares deeply about herself and others
    Marches to her own drumbeat
    Seeks to help others to feel empowered
    Brings all of her resources to each situation
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Has grown with each new challenge
    Is thankful for her life lessons
    Uses her journey to be grateful for her strengths
    Watches others grow in her presence
    Seeks to live all life fully
    Forgives herself when she fails to
    Knows that she is life-in-evolution
    Respects each individual journey
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Can look back on life experiences with gratitude
    Can see the reason for each person in her life
    Releases those who would harm her, with love
    Wishes ill for no-one
    Knows that life is a journey of the spirit
    Knows that each event is the soul’s curriculum
    Knows that each person brings a gift
    Knows that some gifts are painful
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    Embraces her pain and its lessons
    Knows that pain is part of the human experience
    Lifts her pain up and asks for relief
    Trusts that relief will come
    Knows that life is never pain-free
    Accepts and honors the pain
    Gives thanks for the understanding gained
    Walks alone, or with pain, in gratitude.
    The Empowered Patient is one who

    She is all she is meant to be.

    copyright Sue Shipe 2009

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