• 143rd International Peace Meditation “What does it Mean to Heal?”

    “What does it Mean to Heal?”


    Nov. 2, 2008 — Friends often ask me to pray for them and for others. Knowing that I’ve been writing and leading meditations for many years seems to make people feel safe in approaching me. I’m grateful for this. However, I feel a real need to place healing within a spiritual context as I’ve learned to understand it. What does it mean to heal?

    It has been said that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. Instead, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That paradigm shift changes much of our current thinking.

    Most of us identify with our physical bodies. I know that, regardless of what I know from this spiritual perspective, this is what I do. I am concerned about the health of others, and of myself. I feel pain–physical, emotional, and mental, just like you. We are humans having a physical experience, and our bodies are vulnerable to many environmental influences and genetic anomalies.

    When we see ourselves within the “bigger picture”, we know that we are both spiritual and physical beings. We have intellect and emotions, but we are more than that. We are spirit, and as spirit, we are all a part of all that is. As spirit, we are connected to all that is, has been, and will be. We are a part of Spirit that is All, and that Spirit lies within each of us, discovered, or as yet, unrecognized.

    So, what do we mean when we pray for healing? From our physical perspective, we pray for health of the physical body. We want a return to the health that was previously enjoyed: correction of the illness that has prevented “health” as we might generally define it. For one born with a serious condition, we want the elimination of the condition so that the person can develop in health and happiness.

    We are not physical beings alone. While much current philosophy revolves around the idea of mind-body connection, in general what is desired is the ability to deal with stress in a healthy manner in order to promote physical health. The mind-body philosophy also recognizes that the mind influences chemical reactions within the body which can positively or negatively impact health.

    In spiritual terms, there is another explanation about healing. True healing is healing of the spiritual being, or spiritual body, we each are. Spiritual healing may result in physical healing, but not always the kind of healing we consider or, as physical beings, pray for.

    Healing of the spirit, which we are, may be resolved in one of three ways:

    1. Healing of the spiritual lack of wellness accompanied by the return of health to the physical body. This spiritual dis-ease is what we consider to be fear-based, and all of us work during our lifetimes to overcome these within ourselves as we seek self-improvement. This dis-ease might include hatred, violence, impatience, lack of empathy for others and/or oneself, lack of connection to others, lack of self-love and self-care, anger, jealousy, or desire for revenge.

    2. Healing of the spiritual dis-ease, but a continuation of the physical symptoms.

    3. Healing of the spiritual lack of well-being, but a progression of the physical disease or injury process. In other words, there is healing, but the healing continues beyond the physical body.

    In all cases of healing, Love replaces Fear, and those attributes associated with Love begin to prevail. Many times, the lesson learned by the patient is how much he or she is loved and valued by others. Knowing that, when I receive requests, or offer to pray for another, this is how I generally approach that prayer.

    1. I think of and picture the person and the person’s loved ones.

    2. I pray the following:

    “May _____ be filled with Your Love and Your peace.
    May he/she be surrounded by Your Light of Protection.
    May he/she be without suffering.
    May he/she be without fear.”

    Healing of the spirit causes us as spiritual beings to evolve. All life is about evolution of the soul or spirit as it returns to its Source.

    As a physical being, I still hope for a return of full health of the person. I hope that they will not suffer, and will not be afraid. I still work toward the elimination of pain and the empowerment of the person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But I recognize my human limitations as they exist within the greater universe of spirituality. And I give thanks for our lives, the beauty and strength of the human spirit, and most of all, for the healing power of caring and love.

    This Meditation is dedicated to all who assist in healing through their love, devotion, attention, assistance, and knowledge and skills.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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