• 141st International Peace Meditation “The Strength of Unity”

    “The Strength of Unity”


    September 7, 2008 — Nature is full of unity. The interdependence of all that is living has been well documented. Plants depend upon water and sun. Animals depend upon plants, water, and sun. Humans depend upon water, sun, plants, and animals. In brief, none can exist without sun, water, and vegetation. Eliminate any one, and you have devastation. Therefore, without a stated unifying philosophy, nature is unified for survival.

    What about the human race? Are we unified? What evidence supports our unity? What evidence demonstrates that we are not unified?

    It has been said that only an external threat will cause us to unify. Some speak of unity, but their real motive is power. Some speak of unity, but it is against the enemy du jour. And some speak of unity out of a great desire to see an end to violence and war, and a peaceful sharing of resources. However, do the structures we have built promote equality, or inequality?

    The evidence of, “I got mine!” is in direct opposition to “we”. It does not reflect, “We, the People”, but power to the fittest. What does it say about any society that kills its young? That allows its elderly and disabled to fend for themselves?

    What does it say about a society that is always hungry for more even when it cannot define what it needs? Why do its people acquire endlessly, only to feel hopelessly empty?

    What does it say about a society that perpetuates poverty through unequal education and limited access to opportunity?

    What does it say about a society that is satisfied when a few of its minorities can be held up as successful, while many more languish?

    What does it say when we are satisfied with “I got mine” while our brothers and sisters suffer with inadequate healthcare, inadequate diets, and only a vision of more of the same? Should we be surprised when some of our young turn to gangs, drugs, and violence to experience the unity and sense of belonging that they crave?

    In nature, we can see that when a species becomes endangered that we can anticipate a downward spiral of survival. Global warming, pollution, and extinction of habitats have grave impacts we can only anticipate, but not yet truly appreciate or even identify.

    Humans are interdependent. We need one another for the survival of the human race. We, perhaps naively, think that we are alone in the universe even when credible people have reported seeing crafts and beings not of this world. In general, we see what we want to see, and we hear what we want to hear. Perhaps that is why we should be outraged when hoaxers fuel the debunkers! We need to know the truth, for surely it will impact us, whether recognized or unrecognized.

    “We, the People” have become complacent. We have allowed some journalism to be little more than entertainment. Why isn’t our media scouring every declassified document relating to UFO’s and extraterrestrial contact? Our freedom depends upon honest, unrelenting inquiry. Can we allow any less?

    In order to truly unify, we must think “We” rather that “Me.” We must have a unified vision of empowerment for ALL, rather that power for some.

    We need to see power as something to be shared, rather than allowed in the hands of the intolerant with philosophies of power over, rather than through, people.

    We need to begin by seeing that the survival of the human race depends upon unity as much as does nature. We need a consciousness of interdependence rather than dependence, or independence. The world has shrunk, and will continue to shrink. Space exploration will no longer be relegated to only one or two super-powers. What we will find as we explore is yet unknown. Early explorers of America could not anticipate all that they would find, and neither can our space explorers. Perhaps there is already something which we can’t even imagine waiting for us. Or, perhaps, it has been exploring us, as many already believe.

    It may be that humanity’s willingness to unify, and to recognize our interdependence for our common survival, will come too late. But we cannot go backward. We must bravely seek truth, acknowledge it when found, and act in our common good. Words will not be enough. Power for some is inadequate. The time is now–if ever. We can only hope that it is not already too late.

    This is humanity’s wake-up call! It is time to respect one another as human beings even when we don’t look, think, or act alike. It is time to recognize that while we are killing over resources, philosophies, and religions, we are losing time. If we were to encounter a hostile external force, we are unprepared. We are not unified. We are divided. We would potentially fail.

    Our governments keep truth from us “for our own good,” which means so that we don’t panic, and change the institutions with which we have become comfortable, even complacent.

    *”If we can’t see it, who can?

    If we can’t do it, who will?

    If we don’t care, who is going to?
    We. . . . . . . . . . .

    The People. . .”
    *From United We Stand: Reflections On A True Democracy by Sue Kidd Shipe, 2000.

    Please join us in prayer/meditation during the 24 hours of Sunday, September 7, and again the first Sunday of every month. The International Institute for Human Empowerment, Inc. is in our 12th year of continuous International Peace Meditations. Forward our Meditation to all in your address book; make copies for your religious and spiritual brochures and bulletins.

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