• 130th International Peace Meditation “Taking Responsibility for Oneself and Helping Others”

    “Taking Responsibility for Oneself and Helping Others”

    October 7, 2007 — The idea of responsibility in leadership is often vague and ambiguous. There are times when those with power appear to forget that others depend upon them. At times the powerful abuse power by using it to control people and resources. If this is done without empathy and compassion, it is ripe for becoming abuse.

    Even those countries that hold elections can experience abuse of power. The United States, for example, has a constitutionally established balance of power among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Government. Yet, even with these safeguards, abuse of power can occur. It has been said that we can mandate out the bad; we cannot mandate in the good. So much depends upon the true intentions of our elected leaders.

    Consider the practice of attaching personal items to legislative bills in order to get them enacted. Consider the use of legislative aides for sexual gratification. Consider budget processes that are too cumbersome or political for the general public to understand. Consider secrecy, and classification of documents, that have an impact not only on the citizenry, but also upon humanity.

    Consider how the education of children can be used to drive a political agenda. Consider how the poor are sometimes denied access to quality education and quality healthcare. Consider how hard so many work to overcome these abuses of power. Consider addictions and ask how the poor are able to obtain drugs that eventually ruin their futures and destroy their families.

    Power is an awesome responsibility. It must be used wisely, and with empathy and compassion. Our media bring us stories of adults abusing children on an almost daily basis. Healthcare for those over 60 begins to decline with excuses of “old age” blamed for almost every malady. Cutting healthcare costs by denying services due to age or disability is a practice the medical profession, patient advocates, and insurance companies must begin to address. “Ageism” in healthcare is becoming rampant and our older citizens, even those financially sound, are being shoved aside. This practice is insidious because it is often done by not telling the patient all of the options for addressing a medical situation.

    Power is sometimes assumed by those ill prepared for its responsibilities. It is important to realize, whether selecting spiritual, education or healthcare services, or electing leaders, that appropriate preparation is essential. This preparation must go beyond education degrees, and include essential character qualities such as empathy and compassion for the student, patient, or citizen. Power is neither good nor bad. It attains these distinctions according to how it is used.

    One of the ways we can ascertain whether we should trust a person with power is how they treat themselves and others. If they take only for themselves, and give little in resources or service to others, they can be expected to act in a similar manner in their position of power.

    If they deny themselves the essentials in order to give to others, they are operating out of low self-esteem, and have little personal power. This may cause them to be ineffective in managing leadership responsibilities.

    Look for a person who takes care of his/her responsibilities in developing a spiritual life, does not abuse his or her physical body, and does not rely upon abuse of substances. Look for the person who is first empowered, and then exemplifies service, giving, and empathy toward others.

    In order to help empower others, one must first be empowered. Leadership by the un-empowered will result in power over, not through, people. This use of power is vulnerable to becoming abusive. Look for empowered people who can exemplify empowered leadership.


    Be responsible for yourself.
    Help others.
    Be responsible for your spirituality.
    Help others.
    Be responsible for your body.
    Help others.
    Be responsible for your emotions.
    Help others.
    Be responsible for your relationships.
    Help others.
    Be responsible for your resources.
    Help others.
    Helping others always begins with being responsible for oneself. We cannot help others from a position of powerlessness. We must first claim our own power.

    This Meditation is dedicated to all of those people, worldwide, who seek to empower themselves by electing honorable, empathic leaders who truly care about those whom they serve.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
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