• 123rd International Peace Meditation “With Divine Motives”

    “With Divine Motives”

    March 4, 2007 — Today as we reassess the role of the Institute in preparing people to become more empowered, we will look at where we fall in the spectrum of messages over time. While this will not be a history lesson, it will look at trends. It will look at where we’ve been to where we’re going. It will look for truth in the midst of hype. It will seek wisdom in the midst of a current and frantic focus upon entertainment.

    If we look back in time, we can see that there has been a slow and often erratic movement from leadership through oppression to leadership by selection. This movement toward what we often refer to as democracy is most often expressed as elected officials representative of the will of the people. A Republic is not a true democracy, but is leadership through representation. We have evolved to create organizations of governance that are more representative of the will of the majority.

    To be successful long-term, this form of governance requires an educated electorate that is familiar with the positions taken by those competing to become the elected leaders. It also requires an electorate that can sift truth from fiction in the marketing of these individuals. In addition, it requires an electorate that can evaluate the character traits of the individuals, recognizing that those who distort the truth in campaigns and personal life are more likely to distort the truth at other significant points.

    Sifting truth from distortion is something that is done by the aspect of the Self we refer to as the Higher Self. In this process we do not rely on facts alone, but also upon a profound sense of knowing we call Knowledge. This profound intuition can be used at all times in all places, and should be used to keep us safe from those who would manipulate us.

    How can we be manipulated? We are easily manipulated by promises that we will receive what it is that we deeply want. We too easily believe what we want to hear without checking out the situation against Knowledge. This has caused many of us to be hurt in personal and business relationships, and has implications in the broader politics of international affairs as well.

    Consider, for example, perhaps our greatest desire. Most of us would say that we desire peace. Some promise peace by saying they will not develop weapons but use the components for making weapons only for peaceful purposes. However, they may also say that they will not allow for monitoring by objective means.

    Others claim that we will have peace when we kill all of our enemies. That will never occur, for we will always have enemies of freedom. Those who oppose freedom do so because their own motives for power would be thwarted.

    There are those who speak of peace and freedom while recognizing that these are long-term goals toward which we must work. However, the movement toward freedom and peace is rarely peaceful. When we see with the Eye of Love, we see Peace and all of its wonderful ramifications with the Higher Self, while seeing peace and the opposition it will encounter with other aspects of the Self. We need double vision if we are ever to succeed! If we simply yield to anyone who promises peace and freedom, we will surely lose.

    Peace and freedom are not accomplished through promises; they are accomplished through empowered relationships. An analogy is an adult couple that makes decisions together through discussion and compromise rather than manipulation and threats. Each is free to discuss, choose, and determine the best course. At the same time, they keep the health of the relationship primary. They lovingly choose their decisions in ways that meet the needs of both and the needs of the relationship they cherish.

    Language is another cause of confusion of motives. Language can be manipulated to cover motives and make them look altruistic. For example, the belief that any groups are chosen people is causing much turmoil in our world. What if the belief were changed from:

    Believing one is chosen, to believing all are One? Then we are all chosen, or important.

    What if we moved from believing God is separate, to believing Love is in all beings? Then God, or Higher Power, is part of us all.

    What if we moved from believing in the domination of people to freedom for all?

    What if we moved from believing that power is for the few, to empowerment is for all?

    What if we moved from believing that wealth is an indicator of success, to contribution is evidence of success?

    What if we moved from believing that a Message is for a few, to the Message of Love is for all?

    Language may be the biggest barrier of understanding across religions and cultures. It may also be a barrier to peace.

    Look for the Divine motives in others, and refuse to accept manipulation. Peace and Freedom will not be achieved by allowing others to dominate us while promising peace. No one can deliver peace. Peace and Freedom are achieved through the empowerment of all. Seek only those who empower and fear those who dominate. Listen to your gut instincts. Seek peace and freedom for all.

    This meditation is dedicated to those who seek truth and confront evil. Let Love be your guide in all decisions.

    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

    Please join us in prayer/meditation during the 24 hours of Sunday, March 4, and again the first Sunday of every month. The International Institute for Human Empowerment, Inc. is completing 10 years of continuous International Peace Meditations. Forward our Meditation to all in your address book; make copies for your religious and spiritual brochures and bulletins.

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