• 118th International Peace Meditation “Taking Stock”

    “Taking Stock”

    October 1, 2006-As we approach the ending of another year, it is important to reflect not only upon the year, but also upon our lives. To help us reflect upon how we have been using our resources-time, energy, relationships-here are a few questions. Perhaps it would be useful for each of us–readers, leaders, parents, and children–to spend some time in private with the following as our guide. It can be helpful to spend a few quiet moments before beginning the following:

    “Taking Stock: an Individual Retreat and Reflection”


    Why am I here?

    Am I doing what I am uniquely designed to do?

    When I leave, what do I want people to remember about me?


    To what did I give my life?

    How did I give: My time? My finances? My passion?

    Where did I place “family” in my list of priorities? Would they agree?

    Do my relationships support my spiritual purpose?

    Have I nourished those who support?

    Have I disconnected from those who cannot?

    If I were to leave the planet today, what will I have left unfinished?

    Who would I want to carry on?

    Have I helped him/her/them to prepare?

    What do I have left to do?

    What will people remember about me?

    Taking charge

    To become empowered means being in charge of one’s life: decisions, spiritual direction, giving, resources, time.

    What will you do in 2007?
    Lifestyle choices?

    What will be the determining factor behind those choices?
    Spiritual Purpose?

    Once your family has reached the time when they are capable of making responsible choices, your focus should shift to completing your spiritual purpose. We each have a finite period of time. How are you using yours?


    “Living with Gratitude”
    For all who’ve helped you
    For all lessons learned
    For the times you had to be patient
    For the times you had to step forward alone
    For the times you’ve been misunderstood
    For the strength you gained during those times
    For what you are able to leave behind
    For those prepared to continue your Purpose
    For pain that taught you to care
    For lack of resources that taught you empathy
    For the “angels” who helped along the way
    For the friend who never deserted
    And for lessons learned from the ones who did
    For pets that taught you unconditional love
    For family issues that made you grow
    For times alone
    And times filled with the joy that children bring
    For those who hurt you and made you learn the kind of person that you didn’t want to be
    For teachers who cared
    And those who abused their enormous power
    For the problems, people, pain, and purpose that made you who you are today
    And for the lessons of oppression that taught the value of freedom

    You are empowered when you can give thanks for lessons learned. You are empowered when you can teach the lessons learned. You are empowered when you care enough for both!

    Take stock. Take time to consider:

    Where you are.

    Where you want to be.

    Who can help you.

    Relationships are the real enablers and inhibitors in life. Choose carefully. Choose wisely. And make every decision count!

    This Meditation is dedicated to all on a conscious spiritual path. Keep returning. Our goal is to grow with you, assist you, learn from you, and, when our individual times on earth are complete, express gratitude with you for all-good, and painful-lessons learned.

    We all get the same lessons. We just get them in different ways.


    Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

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