• 108th International Peace Meditation “The End is the Beginning”

    “The End is the Beginning”

    December 4, 2005–As we approach the beginning of a New Year, we are conscious that the past is being put behind us, as the future promises to unfold. At this season of thanksgiving, and religious and secular celebrations, we focus on what we are grateful for, celebrate the lives of learning and contribution that we share, and renew relationships with family and friends.

    Not all has been positive in our lives this year. Many of us have been sick and endured suffering and loss. Financial strains have caused stress. Job changes or losses have made us reevaluate our priorities. Children have caused us to focus on what is relevant and move away from those things that would distract us or create chaos in our relationships. We have all had lessons that have been derived from difficulties, and we have all grown. Much of the growth was painful. However, we have each arrived at new awarenesses, and part of that growth has taught us to value what is truly important.

    The Institute is completing nine years of the International Peace Meditation. We have heard from some of you, and have learned that our messages have been valuable for you at times. Your feedback strengthens us, and helps us to carry on in the face of a culture that contains war and talk of more war; requires instant gratification; and promotes games and media that feature, even seem to celebrate, violence. As a result, some of our youth seem to value violence. We seldom hear talk of valuing patience, kindness, and caring, and many adults appear to believe that being rude and dishonest is justified if it results in getting what is wanted.

    Our consumerism seems unlimited as even physical fights have resulted from holiday sales hype that implies that we need something that is really only making us vulnerable to corporate greed. We buy, consume, and throw away, creating more chaos in the ever-increasing pollution of our planet. We need to stop. . . . evaluate. . . . . determine what we truly need. We need to balance our budget by balancing our lives.

    “The end is the beginning” is true in all of life. When we marry, we end our single life. When we have a child, we end living our lives only for ourselves. When we go to school, we end ignorance in those new areas of learning. When we leave this earth, we begin a new life in a new realm. All of life is preparation for the next step. All that we learn gives us new understanding for our next step. We learn, and then share our new learnings with others who seek information.

    All life evolves to the next step. None of us is the same today as we once were. If we look at pictures from the past, we see the evolution, or changes, in our bodies. As we evolve, we take new understandings and then apply them to new situations. All of life is evolving. We cannot stop time, nor turn it back. Wars are fought between the new ways and the old, but the new will always win because no one can turn back time. We move forward, and as we do, we make new choices. Some choices will be for good; some will not. However, we will move forward as that is what time does. The past is in our memory, but it will never be again. Those who have moved on, have new lessons also. All of life is about learning and about contribution.

    As we move into the New Year, let’s be grateful for past lessons, share what we have learned, and be open to new learnings. That is how we evolve as individuals, as families, as relationships, as countries, as our world. We can never move backward, but we can evaluate to determine what is truly important and eliminate those ways that would hinder the development of our children and families. We can choose healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships, healthy policies, and healthy ways of relating. We can eliminate oppression in our own lives, and where we have control, in the lives of others. We can choose freedom of thought, expression, and government, over the oppression of “group think”, censorship, and dictatorships. We can choose to be free to choose! That choice belongs to each of us.

    This meditation is international. It attempts to speak to the individual regardless of location. Sometimes the language will seem strange, but the message is clear. Freedom is essential to free thought. Free thought is essential to free choice. Free choice is essential to spiritual empowerment.

    ‘The end is the beginning.’ Each day is a new beginning full of choices. Eliminating harmful habits, eliminating prejudice and hate, and choosing wellness and freedom-all are choices.

    As we end the year 2005 and begin a new year full of promise, may our thoughts turn to wellness, spiritual purpose, enhancing our unity by embracing our diversity, and caring for those who are unable to care for themselves. May we reduce consumerism in favor quality time with those we love. May we reduce damage to our environment by taking time to purchase and discard wisely. May we remember that in our global community, what affect one, affects all. May we share responsibility as well as enjoy our rights. And may we each choose some aspect of our life to improve.

    May your life be enhanced with spiritual power that clarifies your choices, reveals and strengthens your spiritual purpose, and enhances your uplifting relationships. ‘May all you do be done for Love.’

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    Sue Kidd Shipe
    Executive Director

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