Introduction to Spiritual Writings

This section of our web site is designed to help you, the reader, reflect on the true meaning of freedom. In this section we will use the words True Democracy to mean an ideal state where ‘all are equal, and all are truly free.’ At times we will use the term True Relationship to denote a relationship where people are brought together to complete spiritual purpose. And, finally, we will use the words True Freedom to mean freedom not only from the oppression of others, but freedom within our own minds.

This section is meant to help all people, of all geographical regions, achieve freedom by first believing that they deserve to be free. True freedom is when we believe we deserve to be free, and we take the steps to make freedom in our lives, our families, our country, our world, a reality.

You deserve. You deserve to be free. You deserve True Freedom because that is who you truly are. All else is illusion.

Believe. Accept. Allow. Freedom will come to you as you come to it.

‘When you believe you are free, you are.’

We suggest you begin in this section of spiritual writings where you are drawn to begin. No matter who you are, or where you live, there is a message of importance here for you. The message comes from beyond. Freedom is available to all. You must not allow yourself to (mentally) be assessed for freedom, for freedom is free for all.

You may live under oppression, but you must be free within your own mind, for that is where oppression resides. Even many of those living in democracies are not truly free, for they are afraid. Bureaucracies are full of fear, which causes people within to feel oppressed. Only when we believe we are entitled to be free, when we free our minds of self-limiting thoughts, and when we exercise our rights to be free, are we truly free. True Freedom is the result.

Do not take unreasonable steps to be free from outside oppression. Free you own mind, and you will see clearly.

‘The Source is free. You must not be assessed for access to the Source.’ The Source is God, Love, Allah, or by whatever name you ascribe to a higher power we refer to here as Love, Peace, or the Source.

Do not accept anything here that does not ring true within your soul. I receive inspiration; but I am not infallible. I am only the Messenger. Truth lies within you, and these writings will only activate that which already resides within your soul. ‘Let Love be your guide in all decisions. Let all you do be done for Love.’

A True Teacher accepts no adulation from others, but only seeks to do the will of Love. Therefore, beware of false teachers who would lead you for their own desires. ‘Seek only Love. All else will follow.’

In Love, Sue Kidd Shipe