Meditation Reflections


Only as i follow
can i lead.

Only as i listen
can i know.

Only as i’m open
can i experience.

Only as i understand
can i share.

Only as I beckon
can you follow.

Only as you follow
Can you lead.

Only as you unite
can others follow.

Only as I call you
can you go.

Only as you go
can I go also.


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A puzzle is strong when all the unique pieces retain their individuality, yet fit closely in purpose and design. We are pieces of a beautiful puzzle. We are coming together to find strength in shared purpose and design. Let our pieces complement and support one another as we each strive to make this planet a better place for all people.


Dear Father/Mother God,

I am your child.
You have many children.
We do not look or think or act alike, yet we are yours.
Teach us tolerance and acceptance.
Teach us to accept our differences, but judge behavior.
Teach us to promote all that is loving and cast away all that is not of Love.
Help us to set aside ego needs so that we may respond to the needs of others.
Help us to be, and to accept, your children.
Make us One again.
In the name of all that is Love.      Amen

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Let love for You be
all I seek,
all I experience,
all I express.

Look first for God’s plan. It is never far away.

When life is not as you would like,
surrender and ask to know God’s Plan for your life.

In surrender, we receive.
In surrender, we know.
In surrender, life changes.

All change is Life in motion.

Do not seek to know; seek to give.

Love is giving. Only as we give as God has planned will we know fulfillment.

True life is spiritual purpose in action.

When we follow the Plan, all our needs are provided.

Do not seek to be rich. Seek to give richly.

Being rich is a state of mind.

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We Are One

In the beginning, Love was.
Love was all.
Separation changed what was and created what is.
We all return to Source.
Source is God.
Source is Higher Being.
Source is the great I Am.
Source, God, I Am, Higher Being, Love, are One.
We are One.
We are One with God.
When we no longer see ourselves as separate,
we are One with Love.

Greed is only Fear, turned upside down.
When we are right-side up,
We know that what is needed
has already been provided.

When we follow the Plan
All our needs are provided.
When we follow the Plan
We are One.

The ultimate goal of all life is to return to the Oneness that is God.

We fear death until we realize we can never be alone.

In our darkest hour, God is a Presence, a Force, a peace within
Assuring us, we can never be alone.

When we let go, and allow the Plan to unfold
We see that what we truly wanted
Was there all along.

Love is trusting God with the final outcome.

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When we care, we open our channels of giving which is Love. When we love, we are Love in the world. When we support another, we are God’s ambassadors. When we care, we are Love’s channels. Love is God.
Peace is God.
Wisdom is God. Thus Love, Peace and Wisdom are God expressing.

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Smell the flowers while it is yet time.

Hold on only to that which is not transient.

Love endures.

Love never dies. Though bodies lose their reason for being,
the spirit continues to unfold.

Seeing is believing.
Not seeing is also believing.
Believe what is, whether seen by the eyes or the soul.

The soul alone can see beyond physical reality.

Allow yourself to see with the soul. All else has limitations.

The heart knows, the soul knows, the eye sees.
Knowing goes beyond seeing
as we experience Love through our total beingness.

Let Love be all you seek, all you experience, all you express.
All experience is only the curriculum of the soul.

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Spiritual Empowerment

Believe in your worth. Only as one loves oneself can one see God.

Believe in the worth of every person, regardless of circumstance. Each has his/her own lessons.

Work for peace by living peacefully. Striving against what is may be counterproductive. Ask Peace to lead, and follow.

Love is joining, or unity. When we come together, we express God’s love in the world.

Know when to join, and when to wait. Another’s joining may not be indicated in this incarnation.

When you love, you are manifesting God’s love. Join with those who can, and release all others.

Find time. Time is what you have. Each person decides how this gift will be used.

Prioritize. Meditate first. Do as indicated. The rest will follow.

Do not focus on things that are not of your own spiritual journey. Each person is given time as needed to meet his/her specific purpose. Time must be used productively if what is designed is to be accomplished.

Your first responsibility as a spiritual sojourner is to meditate.
When you meditate, you know.
When you know, you can prepare.
When you are prepared, you can contribute.
When you contribute, you are God’s hands in the world.

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Be a flower in the beautiful garden of life.


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Affirmations for Safety

I will honor all emotions–mine, and those of others.

I will provide a safe place for communication.

I will allow others to express their thoughts and emotions, and I will express mine.

I will respect my family, and I will command respect.

I will recognize my own and other’s talents.

I will respect my spiritual growth, and the development of others.

I will create environments of respect and love in my home.

I will create a quiet place where we can read, reflect, write, and meditate without interruption.

I will structure my life to make time for those activities that support me emotionally and spiritually.

I will find others who desire to grow also.

We will support each other’s journey.

Emotional, spiritual, and physical safety will be a right of all those in my family.

Each person will be responsible to respect another’s journey.

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Meditation Affirmations

Love. It is the highest order in the Universe.

When Love unites, one must choose.
One can only choose to follow Love or fear.

Great leaders have followed either Love or fear.
Their works reveal their true following.

Follow what you know.
Trust what you know.
True motivation is known only at the vibrational level.

Seek only Love,
and give only the manifestation of Love which is love.

The Love of God is all I seek,
all I experience,
all I express.

The Love of God is all each truly seeks to experience and express.

Let your love be for all to see.
Let nothing cover its beauty.
Seek only the purity of love, which is Love.

The Love of God fills one to capacity.

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’
It is more blessed to receive than to remain empty.
All true giving and receiving is of God.
Therefore, when you give,
you receive;
And when you receive,
you give.

God hears all, sees, all, is in all,
for God is spirit in all beings.
Therefore, we are never alone.

I am with you always.
i am with You always.

One who loves God loves all others. Therefore, seek first God. All else will follow.

Love is recognized by deep giving of self
that emanates from a place far beyond human comprehension.

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Daily Meditation Affirmations

1. When we love one another, we emanate God’s love into the world.
2. When we surrender our lives to God, we initiate a process that brings us into true fulfillment.
3. Love assists us as we face life’s challenges. True friendship supports personal and spiritual growth.
4. We recognize those with whom we belong by the love we experience.
5. Only as we give do we love. Therefore, let us love one another as God loves us.
6. God is Spirit uniting us through love.
7. Love is God in action.
8. Each has a divine mission in the world. Only as we surrender our lives to God is that mission made known to us.
9. True relationships are those which support spiritual purpose.
10. Love permeates all actions. Therefore, we must let Love go before us and prepare the way.
11. Love accepts all. Therefore, when we love, we bring love to the other’s challenges.
12. God’s first step is to unburden us. All that is not like God must fall away. Therefore, the first step toward finding true spiritual purpose is the release of all that is not essential.
13. When we surrender that which is not essential, we ask God, through our Teachers, to guide us.
14. Our Teachers are God’s messengers to us. They bring us to our true understanding of spiritual purpose.
15. Relationships for spiritual purpose bless the world.
16. When we accept God’s love, we accept ourselves. We must love ourselves if we are to truly love God.
17. Universal love brings all into perfect union.
18. Speak only truth for it is of God.
19. Truth is a sword. It cuts through confusion and brings to the surface all that is of God.
20. Speak only truth. Live only love. Give truth and love to the world.
21. The world is in need of truth and love. Therefore, let us go forth acknowledging that which is needed for the survival of our planet.
22. Love heals and makes new. Let Love be your guide.
23. “You are a channel of Peace and Love through eternity. But first, you must love.”


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True Following

I will go where You call me.
I will follow.

I will go where I’m needed.
I will follow.

I will tend to Your sheep.
I will follow.

I will share Your wisdom.
I will follow.

I am open to expression.
I will follow.

I know not where I’m going.
I will follow.

I will leave all behind me.
I will follow.

All my needs will be met
As I follow.


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Affirmations for Empowerment

I deserve to be healthy.

I deserve to be free from guilt.

I deserve time to discover my calling in the world.

I deserve to be allowed to make and learn from mistakes.

I deserve to be life in process.

I deserve to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I deserve to have an environment that supports me.

I deserve true relationship.

I deserve to be surrounded only by those relationships that support me.

I deserve to live without judgments.

I deserve to live without put-downs.

I deserve to trust and be trusted.

I deserve to have only relationships built on trust.

I deserve to release relationships where there is no trust.

I deserve to create the opportunities that support my purpose and calling in the world.

I deserve to meditate.

I deserve to receive assistance from beyond.

I deserve to forgive.

I deserve to be forgiven.

I deserve to release relationships that do not support me.

I deserve to follow my purpose and calling.

I deserve true fulfillment.

I deserve to serve.

I deserve to love.

I deserve to accept the love that is waiting for me now.

I deserve peace within that comes from accepting Love.

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We are what we choose.

We are not our emotions.

Our emotions serve to guide and protect, not control, us.

When we allow our emotions to control us, we are giving over responsibility for our lives.

Seek not to control emotions. Seek only to express or release them.

Allow yourself to be free of the emotions that bind you.
Allow yourself to be free of the emotions that blind you.

Create for yourself a place where you can be serene.

Serenity is going beyond emotion to a place of peace.

Serenity is the presence of knowledge that you can be without fear.

Peace is being without fear.

Peace is attained when we realize that only the personal self (body and emotion) can be destroyed. All else continues.

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On Becoming Empowered

I deserve to follow my purpose and calling.

I deserve true relationship to support purpose.

I deserve to be able to give true devotion to my calling and to my true relationship.

I deserve to receive devotion as we follow our purpose and our individual and collective calling.

I deserve to be empowered.

I deserve to livewithout judgment.

I deserve to live in peace with the Universe.

I deserve to have all that is needed to fulfill my purpose and calling.

I deserve to live without confusion.

I deserve to be loved as well as to love.

I deserve to choose what is best for me as I follow my purpose and calling.

I deserve to be allowed to model what I teach.

I deserve true relationship and relationships that create a healthy environment.

I deserve to choose the relationships that create that environment.

I deserve enduring happiness.

I deserve to be free to love.

I deserve to be able to forgive.

I deserve to be forgiven.

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My Prayer

Take away anything that would keep me from loving You.


Prayer for the Ill and Injured

May they be filled with Your Love and Your Peace.
May they be surrounded by Your Light of Protection.
May they be without suffering.
May they be without fear.

Sue Kidd Shipe