You are a Channel for Peace and Love through eternity.
But, first you must Love.
Love is of God. Love is God in Action. Love is Energy. Love is Force.
Love moves ever forward, touching and gathering those who would respond.
Think not that Love is for your own pleasure. It is for the returning of all to God.
Therefore, let not your desire for pleasure be that which moves you forward. Allow Love to be the invitation to the feast.
You are the manna for God. It is only when you give yourself completely as the sacrifice, that Love can be given to the world.
Let all your life be a prayer that God will make you worthy of this sacrifice. For He sacrifices only those who are worthy and gives only to those who would receive.
Be not afraid, for sacrifice is the final union with God and none can take away its Joy!

Sue Kidd Shipe, Copyright 1995