Allowing Love to Lead

Love is a gentle nudging of the soul
Remembering its Source, and longing to return.

Love is what happens when connections made in
previous lifetimes are recognized.

Love is the remembrance of Life in it’s original state.

When it comes to love, Love invites.
When it comes to Love; invite It in.

Love is Life; Life is Love.

When one feels love, one feels alive.
When one feels alive, there Love is found.

All that matters is love, because
Love is all that matters.

Come upon Love. It was already prepared.

True love occurs when those who have
been prepared recognize their purpose together.

Love unites. Unity is of Love.

Come into my heart and you will find Home.

Remembering Home is remembrance of
unconditional love.

Unconditional love is that which unites.
All other is plagiarism.

One cannot deny love
One can only deny loving.

When one accepts love
The true journey has already begun.

Acceptance is the beginning
True love is the continuation.

True love never ends
It only transcends the here and now.

Love is infinite.
Therefore, it has no beginning or ending
Only, recognition.

When you love another
Everything else is imbued with love.

When there is no love
Only emptiness and fear remain.

To be human is to love.

To love is to allow oneself to be truly human.

It is worth all pain one could endure.

Fear is the worst of all pain.

Fear is the absence of all that is human.

Fear is not caring in the face of great pain.

Not to love children is to be remote from one’s humanity.

Leadership is the ability to see pain and
Energize resources toward alleviating even its source.

Leaders who cannot empathize are not
Worthy of leadership.

A leader is one who first cares, then acts.

Do not follow leaders who cannot care.
They are false in motives and dangerous in desire.

If one does not study humanity,
One cannot recognize a humanitarian.

True humanism is the result of caring, love, and action.

If Love does not lead, do not follow!

If a leader does not follow the inclinations of love,
his motives will be ruthless,
and his results will be humiliating or deserving of contempt.

Allow Love to lead, and follow.

All paths of Love lead Home.

A Lover is one who loves, and leads.

Do not confuse love and fad.
Fads are finite; love endures.

Consider what Love creates
and do not be confused.

If it is not of Love,
It is not worthy of true consideration.

A True Family is one in which
Love leads in all decisions.

One cannot say I love you and create pain and fear.
This is only deception.

One who has never truly been loved will be easily deceived.

Your children are most confused
Because many have never experienced love.

Touch the heart of a child, and Love will grow.

Touch the heart of the sick, and Peace will flourish.

Sue Kidd Shipe